While it is theoretically possible to kill a man with a rolled up newspaper, Morgan’s Post piece won”€™t prevent a single future rape. Neither will that quilt. Both are exercises in sterile, busywork narcissism. George Will (also writing in WaPo) was right: the left’s priority is the valorization of past-tense victims, both real and imaginary. They”€™re applying Cloward-Piven to sex crimes.

Our final flip through the Post brings us to a dispatch from a “€œmen’s rights”€ conference at the end of June. Remarks made there by another of my countrywomen, National Post columnist Barbara Kay, were picked up widely:

Ordinary people know the vast majority of women crying rape on campus are actually expressing buyer’s remorse from alcohol-fueled promiscuous behavior involving murky consent on both sides.

Indeed, during my fifty years on this planet (and contrary to that long-debunked “€œone-in-four”€ stat) I”€™ve had a grand total of three women tell me they”€™d been raped. In each case, they knew their attacker (if not well), a party was underway, and alcohol was involved. (During my drinking days, I couldn”€™t even get picked up in a bar at closing time, but no matter…)

I met the first of these females when I was still in high school. One of the girls I worked with behind a movie theater popcorn counter told us about a particularly harrowing date she”€™d been on.

“€œSo I guess you could more or less say I was raped,”€ she concluded.

We were all horrified. What did she do?, we asked.

“€œOh, don”€™t worry,”€ she chirped. “€œWhen we went out on our next date, I didn”€™t speak to him once.”€


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