October 19, 2011

Who would have thought that Obama would be fighting more wars than that warmongering George Bush?

Obama is so bad at being Commander in Chief that Republicans have joined Code Pink in asking him to stop the violence. Libya, Barack? Seriously?!

Rule #3: Take your poison, even if it kills you.

How can you have a movement when your supporters run away faster than a bee-stung stallion? Obama’s numerous perceived capitulations have his most ardent supporters fleeing.

Louis Farrakhan rebuked Obama with a stern, “Who the hell do you think you are?” for Obama’s black-on-black cruise-missile drive-by on Libya.

Farrakhan protégé Malik Shabazz recommended that Michelle Obama leave her husband, whom Shabazz had pigeonholed as a hated black conservative, calling him a “shuck and jive n*gga.”

Conservatives stuck with McCain through good and bad. Enough said.

Rule #4: Pandering has payback.

Democrats’ pandering policies have forced many blacks to leave the cities and move to the suburbs. In a few years there may be no more Democratic strongholds. Worse than that, blacks may no longer be subjected to groupthink, as the Congressional Black Caucus may no longer hold dominion over them. Soon liberals will find former black liberals thinking, acting, and voting like conservatives.

True conservatives don’t pander. The answer remains the same each time you ask it.

Rule #5: Never fight a passionate and motivated opponent.

The OWS movement has no loyalty because it lacks passion. Once the novelty wears off, these ’60s retro retreads will return to living off productive citizens until they can access their trust funds.

However, Tea Party conservatives remain as committed as they were in February 2009. We believe in our cause more than liberals can even fathom, more than many establishment Republicans imagined. The left believes the Tea Party is losing steam because they can’t see the big rallies that were prevalent two years ago. As they say in boxing, “It’s the punch you don’t see that knocks you out.”

There you have the five simple rules. I offer OWS this advice: A gallant retreat is better than a bad stance against the Tea Party, which is the greatest political movement of its time.



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