December 01, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Sometimes their version of events sounds so reasonable, you can get sucked in yourself. In a recent episode of The Anthony Cumia Show, U.K. comedian Jeff Leach was asked to explain why refugees don”€™t just stay and fight the way we did with the British. Leach explained that the Syrians didn”€™t pick this fight. Insurgents came on their land and America chose to fight them there. In a sense, their home is just a giant Thunderdome where two forces enter but only one can leave. Why stay and fight ISIS or America when neither battle is yours? This sounds pretty good and I”€™m inclined to agree with it until I get out of Narnia and check back in with the real world. These aren”€™t families displaced from their homes. They”€™re not even Syrians. The refugees in Europe right now are terrorists and inbred thugs from everywhere south of the Mediterranean. We know this because Lauren Southern went there herself and tried to find Syrian refugees. She found dozens from the Sudan and Afghanistan but only one from Syria. They were all men and they were all bad news. This is why they call the camp the “€œCalais Jungle.”€ Migrants are lighting the roads on fire and attacking trucks with chain saws.

The school Alex Uematsu goes to costs $47,384 a year, which is about $10K shy of the average American household income. These people are not living among real Americans, and their theories about how everyone else should live are not rooted in fact. They are floating in a magical never-never land and then scolding us when we say it isn”€™t real. This is why they are currently experiencing a national meltdown. They never considered it wasn”€™t real. Well, dreamtime is over, kiddies. It’s time to wake up and go to work.


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