July 16, 2007

The neocons over at National Review are usually so boring that one can barely stand to read their blog, “The Corner,” but the inimitable John Derbyshire gives us a reason to peruse that otherwise brain-dead site. Here‘s his latest heresy:

(with apologies to Sammi Smith and Kris Kristofferson)

Take the W from my car.
Peel it off and let it fall.
Leave the bumper clean and bright
For this sticker from Ron Paul.

It’s not me that’s changin’ sides.
It’s more a case of seein’ the light.
I’ve supported Bush too long.
Help me get back to the Right.

Was the Iraq War right or wrong?
I’ve giv’n up tryin’ to understand
Just what the heck it is we hope for
In that poor benighted land.

Spending restraint is dead and gone.
Smaller government’s out of sight.
I don’t feel like learnin’ Spanish.
Help me get back to the Right.

I feel sure I’m not alone.
Help me get back to the Right.

Bush conservatism’s a con.
Help me get back to the Right.”

It’s so funny; these guys do everything in their power to ignore, or occassionally to denigrate, the only true conservative in the race. They list all the articles on the GOP presidential candidates each and every day, pointedly excluding Paul. And then Derbyshire does something like this. The man is a gem.


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