November 09, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

Since the time of Plato, the good life”€”the way of living that fosters community, puts pride in raising children, obeys the rules, and raises the next generation”€”has been derided by subversive elites. The rise of Christianity stopped the mass spread of sexual debauchery and corrosive behavior in the West. But in our post-Christian age, it’s more imperative than ever to live by the values that lifted our society from pagan sodomy to rational moral limits.

The Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce argued that our view of sex is rooted in metaphysical understanding. “€œThe question of eroticism is first of all metaphysical,”€ he wrote in The Crisis of Modernity. “€œOnly a restoration of what for brevity I will call “€˜classical metaphysics”€™ can truly dismantle the framework of judgments that make up eroticism.”€

Fighting a war on a metaphysical battlefield is near impossible when the other side has captured the most fortified machine-gun nests. That’s why it’s more important than ever to live out the ideals that are contrary to the left’s private-parts ethics. We must show the other side that reverence to a strong, but tempered, authority is a necessary thing. That’s the only way to discredit the liberal worldview and restore the idea of a virtuous order existing beyond ourselves.

To begin, we can quit apologizing for upholding the customs that built Western civilization. That includes not ceding to the demands of boys who insist they are girls.


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