June 02, 2020

Frances Fisher

Frances Fisher

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Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood lived together from 1990 to 1995. During that time, he cast her in one of his most highly regarded films, Unforgiven, secure in the knowledge that being surrounded by a cast of exceptional actors would hide the fact that she was at best a mediocre talent. Since then, Fisher has had a steady enough career in the business (including supporting roles in Titanic, and more recently on HBO’s Watchmen series).

Fisher makes a big deal about being Jewish. A big deal. An extreme leftist even by Hollywood standards, Fisher often begins her angry, abrasive, hate-filled tweets with “I’m Jewish” or “As a Jew.” The funny part is, technically she isn’t. Her father was a Russian/Hungarian Jew, but her mother was a Norwegian gentile. Still, Hollywood leftists have their own blood quantum, and just as the Nazis could confer Aryan status upon a mischling who pleased them, Hollywood can do the same, but in the other direction. So for all intents and purposes, as far as the biz is concerned, Fisher’s a full Jew. And man oh man, does she love playing it up! Several years ago she headlined an all-star event at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance to raise money for Holocaust survivors (because it’s about damn time those folks got some compensation).

Last week, Fisher went on a Twitter bender about the death of George Floyd. “They want a race war. We’ll give them a race war,” she tweeted on May 26. “I’m with #BlackLivesMatter. We will win.”

Later that day, she tweeted a straight-out death threat to the cop who knelt on Floyd’s neck: “Squeal pig. You’re dead.”

Later still, frustrated by the lack of progress on her eagerly awaited race war, she exasperatedly tweeted “Rise up already. I’m with you.” Okay, she is a Jew after all; that line can only be read in a Yiddish accent. “Oy, rise up already, why don’t you? What is with you not doing the rising? Enough with the not rising; do some rising, how’s about?”

Breitbart covered Fisher’s race-war tweet, but left out the Jewish part. That’s just silly. If you’re gonna talk race politics, talk race politics; don’t pussyfoot around. It’s the Jewish aspect that makes Fisher interesting. More than that, it’s what makes her representative of something bigger, a terribly destructive and dangerous pathology endemic among American Jews. She sees herself as part of the rebelling masses (“We’ll give them a race war,” “We will win,” “I’m with you”), spitting death threats against cops from the safety of Twitter, while most likely welcoming the protective presence of police in the million-dollar neighborhoods where she keeps her L.A. and Vancouver homes.

“Frances Fisher thinks she can ignite a race war without being one of the first casualties of the bloodthirsty revolutionaries she incites.”

This is typical Jewish “power to the people” dilettantism. Here’s a woman who once bought $10,000 in designer luggage using Clint Eastwood’s credit card without his knowledge, and she’s acting all “I’m down for the revolution, man! Let’s kill the pigs!”

“Oh, wait—first I gotta go drop $10,000 of my millionaire boyfriend’s dough on a diamond-encrusted duffel.”

Of course, when it comes to raising money, she’d prefer it go to Holocaust survivors. No fundraisers for slavery reparations on her social calendar. But yeah, other than that, she’s right by your side, mah bruthas, as you start a race war and fight in the streets with the piggies. And by “by your side,” she means safely ensconced in a securely protected home in the good part of town, surrounded by the finest luxury items.

Fisher is a major supporter of hippy-dippy con woman Marianne Williamson, and in between her race-war rants, Fisher retweeted a Williamson thread about how we must fight the “aristocratic archetypes,” the rulers, the slave-owners, the institutional insiders who support the system that perpetuates “oppression.” This is why Fisher is so fascinating to me. She, herself, is an “archetype”: a left-wing Jew who views herself as one of the masses even as she lives in wealth and privilege. She playacts at fighting “the system,” the “insiders,” and the “aristocracy,” while living as an insider and aristocrat who benefits from the system. It’s a startling disconnect from reality. Frances Fisher is an instructive case study, because it’s easier to identify that disconnect when it’s so blatant. Like when Fisher describes how she loves to spend her time at Eastwood’s “expensive ranch on the Monterey Peninsula” (though separated, they still spend time together because of their daughter).

“It’s hardly glamorous,” Fisher told the San Francisco Chronicle of her time at the luxurious ranch. “We sit around in sweats for four days working out, taking hikes, teaching the kids to play softball, boating in the river.”

Boating in the river, just like the ghetto folk do.

It’s not elitist because they’re in sweats.

This disconnect is hard-wired into a large percentage of American Jews, and it’s scary the extent to which we wallow in it unaware. Even with all our vaunted “introspection,” our therapists, our neuroses, and our supposedly examined lives, we can be some of the densest dumbasses in the world. Fisher is completely oblivious to the disdain expressed by her Twitter followers. Her “race war” threads are crawling not with black revolutionaries exclaiming, “Come join us, good ally!” or “Yes, we rise together,” but with ordinary black folks hollering, “Shut the fuck up, white lady” and “We don’t need you, pampered-ass bitch.”

Again, a disconnect. Jews like Fisher don’t see themselves as white. They see themselves as oppressed “people of color,” and therefore a natural fit as “leader” of their fellow POCs. The problem is, actual people of color see them as not just white, but worse than white. They’re seen as whites who are smarter, richer, and more devious than “regular” whites. They’re the whites who exploit whites, which, to the average black guy, makes them more dangerous, and their motives more worthy of suspicion.

Nonwhites—blacks especially—are uniquely paranoid about the presence of a conspiratorial hidden hand “keeping them down.” Whites fit that bill just fine, but Jews fit it better. Plus, blacks aren’t blind. In the cities where they have local control—those ghastly urban gardens of rot and fungus—the condescending whites they come across in the leftist intelligentsia tend to have surnames that end in -stein, -berg, and -schitz.

Herein lies the crux of the problem. Blacks, already somewhat paranoid in their thinking, are constantly being pressed to fight the “real power” that oppresses them. Anencephalic miracle baby Don Lemon said as much on CNN a few days ago, telling Chris Cuomo (for whom anencephaly would be a cognitive step up) that it’s not up to black people to stop racism. Only the “people who hold the power in this society” can “do the heavy lifting” for people of color. Lemon and Cuomo identified those “people who hold the power” as “white people.” In other words, even in black-run cities, true betterment can only come when the whites who hold the “real” behind-the-scenes power allow it…only when they do the “heavy lifting” (which blacks apparently can’t do for themselves).

Hence the fate of blacks turns not on their own abilities or will, but rather on the whims of a bunch of hidden “white” puppetmasters who apparently don’t want to make the effort—the “lifting”—that will “fix” the black community.

Lemon and Cuomo, being congenital idiots, think they can spread that kind of responsibility-absolving horseshit, and the only ones who’ll pay are “whites.” Evil, redneck, cracker hillbilly whites. Lemon and Cuomo’s Jewish bosses at CNN think that too.

Frances Fisher believes that when black people “rise up” and start their “race war,” the only ones who will pay are “whites.” Evil, redneck, cracker hillbilly whites.

So much delusion. Once you get the “darkies” musing about hidden, shadowy “true holders of power,” about “aristocratic archetypes” who secretly control the system, the “noble savages” aren’t going to be content pinning their woes on hillbillies. To put it another way, any angry, bitter black or brown “revolutionary” dumb enough to fall for the line that people of color are incapable of mastering their own fate will also be dumb enough to think that the Protocols of Zion are the straight-up truth. Jews make way better hidden-hand manipulator caricatures than rednecks. And, in truth, Jews do wield way more power, power disproportionate to their numbers, in American society. That’s not conspiracy theory, it’s just fact.

So here yet again we see the disconnect. Jews at CNN like Jeff Zucker, Michael Bass, and Andrew Morse think they can encourage the nonwhite masses to go searching for “the people who hold the power,” and somehow that scheme won’t boomerang on their own community. Frances Fisher thinks she can ignite a race war without being one of the first casualties of the bloodthirsty revolutionaries she incites.

The hubris is off the charts. Sic the schvartzes on the “aristocratic archetypes” who “hold the power,” and assume that the dumb duskies won’t follow the ladder up to the highest rung. It’s not just hubris, but self-delusion. The Jews see themselves as “allies” of the coloreds, so naturally the coloreds must see it that way too…no matter how many times again and again blacks make it clear that they actually see Jews as outsiders, interlopers, and exploiters.

Right now, leaders in riot-torn cities like Minneapolis are peddling the line that the unrest is actually the work of “white supremacists” who are exploiting the black community’s rage and manipulating it into acts of violent rebellion. Nice one. I hope none of the black rioters stop for a moment to consider the ethnicity of 99% of the “whites” they’ve encountered in their lives (in the media, academia, politics, and community activism) who’ve encouraged them to “boyn” the system down. Who’s been “manipulating” them? Crackers or koshers?

Should the “race war” come, it’ll be a lot worse for the bubbalahs than the bubbas. The bubbas have guns and know how to use them. Jews have to rely on the very “pigs” that Fisher wants dead.

Last weekend, we were treated to the sight of a crowd of angry blacks and browns violently laying siege to CNN’s Atlanta HQ. A day later here in L.A., a “multicultural” band of vandals rampaged through the predominantly Jewish Fairfax district. In both cases, the mob knew better than to go after the white hicks and shitkickers; they went after “the ones who hold the power”…just as CNN told them to.

So to the race-baiting Jews I say, you wanted a race war? You’re getting a race war. You said, “Go get the people who hold the real power,” and the oppressed masses are obliging.

Not that the George Floyd protests are going to lead to an actual race war. But keep poking that bear, and one day you might just get the conflagration you seek.

You will not be seen as an ally, and you will not be spared.

So wise up already, before it’s too late…you schmucks.


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