November 22, 2011

Flying over Berlin on a recent visit the British leader bravely dropped a few ineffectual bombs, telling the German Führer Frau Merkel that “All the institutions of the eurozone have to stand behind and back and do what is necessary to defend it,” meaning that the European Central Bank, backed by German taxpayers, should foot the bill for years of other governments’ overspending back during fiscal freedom’s heady days.

Angered by this brave sortie to disrupt their economic overlordship, the Germans have now decided to turn their big guns directly on the plucky little island that has so often thwarted their past ambitions.

German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble quickly countered, saying it was only a matter of time before Britain itself was crushed under the mighty German euro’s heel.

“One day the whole of Europe will have a single currency and perhaps it will happen more quickly than many people on the British island think,” he told a “mass rally” of staff from the DPA news agency while unveiling a fiendish economic weapon designed to destroy the British economy. This latter-day economic equivalent of the V-2 rockets is a financial-transaction tax designed, like its predecessors, to bring London to its knees. 

Former Prime Minister John Major described this terrorist weapon as “a heat-seeking missile aimed at the City of London.”

For the time being Cameron can bravely fight on and continue to blame any domestic economic problems on the austerity regime the German Fourth Reich has imposed throughout Europe, but with the economic crisis forcing Europe into even greater union under its only credible major economy’s auspices, Britain stands alone once again with little hope of the help it received in 1941, when the Soviet Union and the USA joined the struggle.

Meanwhile the Fifth Column go about their perfidious work trying to undermine our Great Leader. The shadow Foreign Secretary from the Labour Party Douglas Alexander said, “David Cameron is leaving Berlin just as isolated as he was when he arrived….That is a genuine concern for those of us who want Britain to be a strong and, indeed, leading voice in trying to find a way forward,” by which, of course, he meant total surrender to a Quisling Europhile government.


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