March 07, 2018

Roger Cohen

Roger Cohen

Source: Joe Mabel

Okay, all you readers: You are weak, easily manipulated, led by the nose to the gutter, susceptible to the devils of your diabolical urges, and mad. In fact you are the unspeakables, the deplorables who voted for Trump, and a man by the name of Roger Cohen says so. Needless to say, he writes for The New York Times, but as far as I know, the only true thing he’s ever written is that he’s Jewish and that his name is Roger Cohen. Cohen is very proud of being Jewish, as well as of his name; in fact he never lets us forget it. But I’m not so sure he is the kind of man who possesses the expertise to judge the American character. From his hysterical scribbles I deduce he’s a Polish Jew whose family went to South Africa and left that beautiful country once black power was about to become a reality.

Roger Cohen does not like modern Poland. He wants Poles to rise up against the massively popular government that was democratically elected by the Poles because the government does not strictly observe laws put down by the unelected bureaucrats who run the E.U. in Brussels. Go figure, as they used to say in Brooklyn when the Dodgers were still based there. “Awaken, Poland, before it is too late! Revolutions for a constitution are worth defending to the hilt.” This is in one of Cohen’s recent columns, urging revolution by the Poles against a government they voted for, and for a constitution that is already in place and working to the hilt, to use this grubby man’s lingo.

“What angers one is that so few people get the game people like Cohen are playing.”

Poland’s populist government has planned certain measures to control out-of-control media and to closely oversee judicial independence. The dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats of Brussels saw danger in this newfound independence, so paid-off members of the left, mercenaries like Roger Cohen, have obviously been called in and told to sing and sing loud. But this column is not about Poland—the independent Polish judiciary is influenced by the governing party as the American Supreme Court is by its White House appointments—it’s about the moral degeneracy of Roger Cohen, who, in the midst of taking orders from Tel Aviv central, disrespects more than 3 million devout Polish Catholics who perished in the Nazi Holocaust by nonstop hinting that Poland was complicit in the Nazi effort to exterminate Jews. Actually, Roger, the Poles suffered as much as the Jews, even more so because both the Germans and the Soviets went after them, and the Poles fought back.

Mind you, Cohen is among the least aggressive of the Times’ columnists when it comes to Trump. Roger the Dodger calls him a mean charlatan who cheated to win, pretty mild stuff for the New York broadsheet that the great Joe Sobran renamed the Holocaust Update. The reason I have chosen Cohen among the scum of the Times is that both he and I are foreign-born but write in American journals. My country, Greece, was saved from communism by Uncle Sam and later from hunger by the Marshall Plan. My father remade the family fortune in America. Although I’ve lived in Europe most of my adult life, I love and respect only American values and people. My hero was and is Robert E. Lee, my beloved alma mater the University of Virginia, and I do stand when I hear “The Star-Spangled Banner” played.

Cohen and his breed are no Robert E. Lee admirers, of that I am sure, and they would be among the first to deny me the right to admire the great man. Their job right now, however, is to divert public opinion from the moral corruption that sees Palestinian children dying in Gaza for lack of medicine and even food, and to point an accusatory finger at Iran for meddling in Syria, something Israel has turned into an art form. Hence the sudden Poland-was-complicit-in-the-Holocaust brouhaha.

What angers one is that so few people get the game people like Cohen are playing. Not the game itself, mind you, but why are Americans so slow in realizing that they’re being “gamed” by con men? The Middle East is about to further erupt, with both Russia and Uncle Sam involved, as well as Turkey, Iran, Israel, and Syria and its myriad of competing militias. Israel is the strongest Middle Eastern military power by far. Its alliance with the evil Saudis turns Washington into Saudi-Israeli-held territory. But like all bullies, it is not enough. Let’s flog those dumb Polacks for a change—you never know, every little bit helps.


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