June 23, 2018

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

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Facebook is Big Brother, and kissing a girl today can be dangerous to one’s health, if not one’s pocketbook. Even the Bible has a #MeToo problem. Women in the holy book are treated as objects, according to one American female academic, “to be penetrated, traded, bought or sold.” Men are the culprits. Our sacred stories are now up for grabs; perhaps our Lord Jesus will emerge as transgender, or gay, or something like that. King David’s reputation is already mud. He’s a rapist who sent Bathsheba’s hubby to the front lines so he could get her into his bed.

White people, too, are not very popular these days, as 58 percent of whites voted for Trump. Pure hatred of The Donald in newsrooms and TV studios across America is blinding editors. There’s a new book out linking the rise of the Nazis with an anti-globalist streak; you get my drift, don’tcha? Nazis bad, anti-globalists bad, free traders and fat cats and large multinationals good. It’s as easy as ABC.

Now they’re calling Trump a quisling, one who takes orders from Russia (Paul Krugman in the N.Y. Times). The accuser predicted a depression the moment Trump was elected, but he has saved face by proclaiming The Donald a quisling. And Ahmed Elbotari, an Uber driver, was suspended because he kicked out two nice lesbians kissing in his car. They were disrespectful, he said. Well, back where he comes from, two girls kissing might not be as nice as two boys doing it, but where I come from, it’s a nice thing to see. Who said that Muslims have trouble adjusting to our way of life? A bigot, that’s who. Finally, “Murder, rapes, robbery, adultery and incest will be openly taught and practiced, the soil soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes.” Is it an anti-Trump diatribe by the Times? No, it is The New England Courant, on Thomas Jefferson’s election in 1800. The Donald has a ways to go to match this one.

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