November 15, 2007

Rudy Giuliani”€”Chickenhawk!

Asked by Rolling Stone what he thought of Benito Giuliani’s role as the “warmonger-in-chief” of the GOP presidential pack, Ron Paul replied:

“Since Giuliani is so anxious to go to war, somebody ought to ask him why he didn’t go when he was called up instead of ducking it like some of those other chicken hawks “€” he took, what, four deferrals? The kids today are expected to go because Giuliani likes this stuff. But whether it’s Cheney or Giuliani, these guys think it’s quite proper to go to war when they feel like it. But they never had to expose themselves.”

Let’s see how Rudy’s Radicals—the super-hawks who form his inner circle, very few of whom have served in the military—“spin” that one.

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