May 19, 2011

Raffaele Bendandi

Raffaele Bendandi

Last week the global media was all abuzz with ridicule over those backward Italian peasants”€“to the media, a peasant is anyone possessing less than $1 million Euros. It seems those foolishly superstitious peons were relying in droves upon an outdated prophecy of a man who in his day was rather reliable at predicting earthquakes.

Raffaele Bendandi garnered worldwide fame in 1924 after he correctly called the catastrophic earthquake in the Italian region of Le Marche. The good man had the sense to record his prediction with a notary in November 1923, saying it would strike less than three months hence. Two or three other such predictions also came true. He was made a Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy for his efforts.

According to many reports, Bendandi claimed another large earthquake would strike Italy on May 11, 2011.

At 10AM that day, reports stated that Rome’s normally congested streets were sparsely occupied. Many a family was said to have fled to the countryside. But no earthquake struck Rome. Nominally earnest and determined news anchors broke their facades and winked at reports of mild hysteria amid poor humble Italians.

“€œThe next era is barreling toward Europeans, and it would seem to be carrying a shotgun.”€

Even if one was not cognizant of rumblings underneath the earth in Europe, there are signs of a rumbling beginning atop it.

In Norway an MP gave a speech which, horror of horrors, decried the idea that Oslo needs Stone Age religious cults and predatory gangs of imported rapists. Most Norwegians agree with him, though they are legally forbidden to say so. Of itself, that is an ominous sign. Whenever a population is barred from saying something, you know first that it is true; second, that most people agree with it; and third, that the statement endangers the power structure. After all, no one has yet been jailed for a supposed Loch Ness Monster sighting. Observers of Elvis at mini-marts remain similarly unmolested by authorities.

In France by way of America, there is the sordid business of “€œThe Seducer”€ from the IMF. (The media has yet to make clear whether this moniker refers to his attitude toward taking women away from their husbands or assets away from their Western nations.) He was considered Sarkozy’s chief rival in next year’s elections. This episode leaves the field wide open to the stridently pro-Western Marine Le Pen.

In Greece, unemployment continues unabated. Estimates run as high as 16%, though as usual, they likely underestimate the true numbers. Young people who have thus far peacefully endured their bankers”€™ bailout employment holiday are realizing that this will not merely be a difficult chapter in their lives; it will continue throughout the story. As soon as these youngsters begin families of their own, expect them to endure it peacefully no longer.


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