August 20, 2012

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot

Another was the defiler Khodorkovsky, who ought to be disqualified from giving any statement about Christ’s sanctity. Yet when did courtesy or common sense ever convince one of his ilk to keep its mouth shut about anything? On the contrary, the Oligarch Who Didn’t Get Away felt at ease questioning the morality of a country from which he stole billions.

There were other “musicians” and intellectual lightweights who deigned to make digs at the deity. If you are ever in a committee meeting where Sting, Yoko Ono, and Madonna agree, back quietly out of the room and run until you’re out of breath.

Guilty verdicts and two-year sentences have been rendered against the perpetrators. Many in the Orthodox Church recommended that the rioting miscreants be put to hard labor. Presumably it would at least wipe some of the smugness off their lips. One husband repeatedly proclaimed his willingness to battle courts for decades to free his wife. He also made excellent sympathy-pimping of their young daughter.

Still, these dregs of humanity received a sentence in record time by the standards of the liberal West, which loves “freedom” so much it takes years to punish lesser criminals who shoot up film theaters or massacre people at legitimate political rallies. That is in cases when there is a trial at all.

Here is the authentic Russian perspective: Next time you consider denigrating those who disagree with you in sacred or holy places, don’t.

Are you so naive not to realize if your “art” is defiling our consecrated sites, our “art” can as easily consist of beating you into a bloody pulp? Only fools mistake good manners for weakness.

Those struck with horror that women behaving antagonistically should be dealt on parity with men doing the same should realize that chivalry is an entirely Christian concept. All the social protections you enjoy are just as easily disposed of as those antiquated mores espoused by the vast majority you deem so worthy of ridicule.

If unbelievers care to criticize, they are perfectly welcome to do so in their own space and time. But bullies must remember they are guests in our house and it is a host’s prerogative to throw them out the door whenever we please.


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