December 24, 2013

To keep Uncle Sam’s war machine whirring, they are ready to sit down with the Devil himself in his white robes and sandals and sitting in his golden Cadillac. The bad guys right now are Obama and Kerry, who gave Iran a six-month hiatus to get rid of its plan for a nuke. The fact that Iran will never be allowed to produce one is immaterial. The neocons want war and thus turned Iran into another Iraq. The fact that Seymour Hersh exposed the lie about last September’s sarin chemical gas attack being a terrorist act caused by anti-Assad forces never saw the light of day in the always subversive New York Times. (It was published by the London Review of Books.)

Both Obama and Kerry lied when they said they had proof that Assad’s forces were responsible. Yet now that they have finally seen the light, our neocons are fighting mad and not enjoying their holidays in the same spirit they did ten years ago. And they are very impatient. Six months is a mere bagatelle, but there you have it.

In the meantime, our fellow Christians are under attack and the only man protecting them is the secular Bashar al-Assad, the neocons”€™ worst nightmare. Have a merry Christmas.



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