September 18, 2014



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That is the context for Scotland’s independence referendum. To the degree I have an interest, it springs from sentimental fondness for the English people and culture I grew up amongst. If I could help that people and that culture survive through this century, I”€™d be happier than otherwise.

In the present state of the West the prospects for survival are not great. In England’s case, I believe, those prospects will be somewhat better without the Scots. Only a quarter of Scots want to leave the EU; nearly half of the Kingdom as a whole does (which means over half of non-Scots).

Multiculti-wise, the Scots are wholly invested in cultural Marxism. Of Scotland’s 59 parliamentary seats, all but one are held by the cultmarx Labour and tree-hugging Liberal and Scottish National parties. South Asian and black settlers form 3 percent of the population and are hot for more immigration. (And yes, Scotland has Somalis.) The signs are that an independent Scotland will vie with Sweden for the title of most multiculti-friendly North European nation.

For England to hold on to Scotland would be like a drowning man holding on to the treasured but solid-marble bust of an old friend, or auld acquaintance. Let it go! If there is hope for England, it lies with the separatists.   


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