January 16, 2024

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Last week we talked about overcorrection. This week, let’s see how the right’s gonna use that shotgun to blow off its remaining toes.

As I pointed out last year, the GOP goes into 2024 with several strikes against it, at a time when, under different circumstances, the election would be a cinch considering the massive unpopularity of the current president. Abortion is one strike; pure poison at the ballot box. Then there’s 2020 election denial and the menagerie of barnyard beasts who champion it. Then there’s J6 obsession, and, of course, Trump himself, as divisive a figure as American politics has ever seen.

So you know what the right doesn’t need? One more strike.

Cue rightists saying, “Let’s get ourselves one more strike!”

2023 witnessed a stunning reversal of fortune for Big Bad Jew, Inc.

After decades of being the bully on the block, the ADL got its ass handed to it by a duck-billed albino billionaire. This was 100 percent the ADL’s fault; they screwed the pooch one too many times. In 2023 the ADL went from thumping David Duke to humping Marmaduke. Had the ADL stuck to its supposed mandate—fighting “Nazis” and Holocaust deniers—the org would’ve been fine. But no; it had to “get with the times” and expand its list of hate criminals to include those who are skeptical of the notion that children are born with their “gender soul” in the wrong body and require surgical and chemical alteration to align their chakras (there’s a clinical term for skeptics of this belief system: “sane”).

“Yes, thanks to Musk, you can now fuck with the Jews.”

Adding trans-skeptics to the list of “those who must be destroyed” was one schtup too far for the ADL. Boomer conservatives—not the Fuentes/Groyper kind, but the ones who believe the Holocaust happened—rebelled. And once Musk made it allowable to mercilessly pelt the ADL, pelting from all corners commenced.

Needless to say, the ADL whined and played the victim. Because, well, they’re Jews. To be fair, the ADL is correct that Twitter has become a cesspool of anti-Jewish hatred, which is why Musk abandoned his “I’ll sue the ADL” pledge. He likely had his people crunch the numbers regarding the growth of Holocaust denial and “kill the kikes” accounts over the past year, and he realized that this time, he’d be the “pedo cavediver” in the lawsuit, because the ADL can easily defend its claim.

No sooner had Musk given the okay to pummel the ADL, along came the Hamas/Israel conflict, and U.S. leftists—celebrities, academics, students, “influencers”—unleashed hell on everything Jewish. All of a sudden, American Jews realized that they were surrounded by people who had zero sympathy for the mass murder, rape, and kidnapping of Jews. Supposed allies were saying, “Serves you right, Hymie.”

It’s like posting on social media about your recent breakup and not getting a single “I’m so sorry you’re going through this” sympathy comment, but only “Good, I hope you suffer, bitch.”

The backlash forced the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt to make a stunning admission: The problem isn’t left/right but young/old.

No shit, Shylock. ADL leaders had become so obsessed with attacking everything “right-wing,” they lost sight of the fact that older mainstream conservatives are reliable allies and supporters of Jews in general and Israel in particular. So when the ADL began classifying conservatives who want border control, and anyone who opposes tranny ideology, as “hate criminals,” when it expanded its mandate from “fight Jew-haters” to “fight anyone who believes in two genders and a closed border,” it alienated an entire base of support, all in the name of catering to Zoomers and POCs, who comically proceeded to shit on Jews the moment Israel had an hour of need.

I hope going after Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik like she’s Mengele was worth it, ADL. You could’a had a lot more support, but you rejected it because of things (open borders, men in dresses) that weren’t even issues when your org was in its prime.

You made your bed, Greenblatt, and their ain’t no hole in that sheet. Only Zoomer bedbugs eating you alive.

In Hollywood, Jews—the town’s essential element—found themselves isolated. And from the moment director Shmuelly Glukenschlitz rolled camera on Tinseltown’s first silent film (1902’s “Wily Chicken Baffles a Negro”), Jews have never felt isolated here. Even gays, who, like Jews, have always been part of the industry, have at times felt isolated. But not Jews. Not here, in their own shtetl. 2023 changed that. As I’ve previously noted, post–George Floyd, Hollywood Jews found themselves getting fired, or not being hired in the first place, as a result of the “people of color” quotas enacted by the streaming services. And now, Hollywood Jews have seen their own agents, managers, and costars attack them over Israel. They’ve seen A-listers they helped launch turn around and tell them, “You deserved those rapes and murders.”

Get the irony? Jews in the town they created are now being attacked for being white (“those jobs are for POCs only!”) and Jewish (“you Israelis deserve a butchering”). An irony worthy of Hollywood Jew extraordinaire Rod Serling: “Submitted for your approval: a people who champion the rights of bisexuals tried to have it both ways, only to discover that it only doubled their chance of being snubbed on prom night.”

All in all, 2023 was a bad year for Jews. And this newfound sense of “freedom” to kick Jew ass, this transition from decades of “I’m skeered to attack Jews” to “Hey—now I can say whatever I want about ’em!” invites the kind of overcorrection that’s exactly the fifth strike the right doesn’t need. Jew hatred polls poorly. Indeed, in the “warm feelings” index, Jews are the most “warmly received” religious group in the U.S., even edging out Protestants.

But ignoring polls is a rightist hobby, and increasingly rightists are convincing themselves that going after “the Jews”—now that they can—is the panacea they’ve been seeking. Ever since Elon Musk’s “the Jews are our misfortune” retweet, it’s become the new hip, edgy thing to do (now that it’s safe…fucking cowards) to claim that Jews are behind every racial problem in America, from black misbehavior to DEI to immigration.

A new freedom to slam Jews coupled with the thing that’s heroin to today’s MAGA/Carlson rightists—simple-minded answers to complex questions—may very well spell disaster in 2024.

Look, I’m Dave Cole, okay? For 35 years I’ve gone up against left-wing Jews and the Jewish “establishment.” The AJC once called me the worst traitor in the history of Jews. I was compared to Hitler, Arafat, and Hussein (you think Chaya Raichik has it bad? Oy!).

But the ridiculous defamation aside, I’ve always counseled retaining perspective and a sense of history. Yes, Jews are overwhelmingly left-leaning in their politics regarding racial matters. Also yes, non-Jewish whites are cursed with sentimentality regarding racial matters, and this cloying mawkishness existed before Jews and would exist today without Jews.

Sentimentality toward oppressed darkies has always been as much a part of WASPishness as flat asses. Are we now so obsessed with “git that Jew; he’s the one wot dun mesmerized us” that we’ve decided to forget centuries of white Christians doing missionary work to convert and “civilize” the ungabungas? Are we supposed to pretend something that was so fucking widespread that in the 1800s the cartoon image of an Anglo in a cannibal pot was immediately understood even by children as shorthand for “the missionary failed” never happened?

When the British couched their African colonialism in humanitarian terms—“We’re endin’ the bleedin’ slave trade and building bloomin’ roads an’ bridges an educatin’ the bloody savages”—who was that propaganda for? What was the audience for it? The ungabungas? Oh sure, every 1870 spearchucker read the Sunday Times.

No, it was for the sentimental Anglo—white—British public back home, and the liberal Anglo politicians who opposed colonialism even in Queen Victoria’s day.

There’s this nutty notion among today’s alt-right morons that before the 1960s all whites were “based” (who’d have thought that the ascendancy of Holocaust denial would bring a host of other bad historical takes?). In fact, even Mussolini—mutherfuckin’ MUSSOLINI—hired a beloved artist to create propaganda postcards to reassure Italians that the purpose of the war in Ethiopia was to save blacks and foster love and brotherhood between dago and bunga. Because Mussolini understood the sentimentality of his people.

Jews did not create white sentimentality and savior syndrome toward the Gunga Dims; Christianity did. That’s why when you go down the white racialist rabbit hole, you always end up at the inevitable endpoint that the ultimate Jewish conspiracy is Christianity. That’s where it leads, because at least neo-Nazis are willing to acknowledge that whites were trying to “save” bungas long before Jews got hold of major Western institutions, so they back-trace the start of the conspiracy not to the Eastern European revolutionaries who flooded Western Europe and America in the early 1900s, but rather to Christ himself, the ultimate Jewish conspirator.

A lunatic claim, sure, yet more logical than the claims of rightists who playact that without Jews, all whites would be remorseless BASED Aryan supersoldiers.

Even at the height of American and European empire, whites were always of two minds, a hydra, one head spitting fire, the other belching hearts and flowers: conquer the wogs ’n’ nogs, but also, convert, heal, educate, and minister to them.

That’s just a fact. Jews may have fed the hearts-and-flowers head, but they didn’t birth it.

“Smashing the Jews” won’t kill white sentimentality. It will, however, kill the right’s electoral chances in 2024, because it’s that very sentimentality that will prompt right-leaning whites-of-conscience to further abandon the GOP thanks to the ravings of the “Jews are our misfortune” activists and influencers.

Yes, thanks to Musk, you can now fuck with the Jews.

Yes, I get how appealing it is, what a release it is, due to the arrogance displayed by Jewish orgs during their decades of immunity.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s the right path.

A satisfying path? Perhaps. But ultimately self-defeating.

Sadly, the right, specifically the anti-establishment, anti–Con Inc. right (this includes the MAGAs), is mesmerized by the notion of incantation over shoe-leather. Catchphrases! Memes! Send Moloch back to hell by reciting the magic words and everything bad will miraculously vanish! Forget doing the hard work of crafting a message that appeals to blue-collar whites (a category that includes race-sentimental Christians).

The nation needs the anti-establishment right to push for the things that matter—closed borders, deportations, POC incarceration. But, at the same time, the nation needs those anti-establishment rightists to stay sane.

And that ain’t gonna happen. Not with Musk’s license to overcorrect on the Jews. That’s gonna bring out the worst in the people fighting Con Inc.

All I can do is counsel against such overcorrection.

I’ll fail, to be sure. But at least I tried.


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