January 16, 2008

Most of you probably know first-hand how outrageously biased Faux News has been towards the Ron Paul campaign. Beyond excluding him from one of the debates”€”but including Giuliani, who consistently runs behind Paul”€”it has gone further and actually EDITED the contents of a debate, to remove one of Paul’s more cogent answers. In a recent debate where Paul was NOT excluded, one of the reporters questioned whether Paul is “€œelectable”€”€”by which he meant not whether the good doctor could win the general election, where his positions on key issues such as the Iraq War are more popular than Hillary’s”€”but rather whether Paul should even be taken seriously as a candidate for the nomination. Paul knocked that one out of the park:

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So Faux’s diligent editors snipped that answer out of the rebroadcast version of the debate. Paul supporters posted it on Youtube, and were promptly threatened with legal action by Faux News for copyright infringement. On other occasions, Faux has edited references to Paul out of AP stories that came to them over the wire. Gee willikers, what a wonderful news source for conservatives! No wonder Rupert Murdoch loves the Chinese… they run the kind of regime he can respect. No doubt Murdoch would like to censor the Internet the same way the People’s Republic does, reducing its contents to roughly what appears on Faux: War propaganda, and softcore porn.  (And the Simpsons, of course”€”give credit where it is due.)

One of Faux’s intellectual luminaries is Sean Hannity, who peddles himself as a conservative Catholic”€”but took the opportunity on television to bully a well-known priest and prolife activist, for daring to defend Church teaching on birth control.

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Hannity has done his best to lump Rep. Paul in with the worst kind of wing-nuts, particularly those who argue that the Twin Towers were knocked down by the Pentagon, or the Jews, or errant migratory geese, or something. So it was no big surprise that when a group of Ron Paul supporters spotted Hannity on the street just before the primary, they made their opinions known in a rather… vigorous manner”€”chasing him down the streets of Nashua chanting “€œSean, you SUCK!”€

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It was a little menacing, I’ll admit”€”but Sean really does suck. And the truth will not be silenced!

I don”€™t think this offers the most attractive face of the Ron Paul ReLOVEution… but I’m sure it impressed Hannity. As a classic Red State fascist, he admires brute force and favors the silencing of dissent. I bet the mob that chased him won Hannity’s respect. Too bad they weren”€™t wearing Yankee hats….


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