July 07, 2015

(And please, spare me the pedantry about the flag’s history and nomenclature. It’s as boring and ultimately irrelevant to me”€”and the larger issue”€”as my geekery about musical Mischlings is to many of you.)

The overall nonreaction was a disappointment. The few responses I received were all supportive”€”I even got a shout-out on the radio“€”but no one, at least that I could see, followed my lead.

Why did I do it? As a Canadian, I don”€™t really give a rat’s ass about the Confederate flag, and too many of the talking points bandied about by its knee-jerk apologists sound a bit desperate. Plus, whenever I see an African-American defending the flag, all I can think of is “€œTrent,”€ the black Klansman in 1963’s Shock Corridor. (Hint: It’s set in a nuthouse.)

No, it boils down to what Gavin McInnes wrote here last week:

They don”€™t want to keep the Confederate flag because they”€™re proud of slavery. They want to keep it because you said they can”€™t.

Is that attitude shallow? Juvenile? “€œA really futile and stupid gesture on somebody’s part”€? Ultimately counterproductive? The redneck equivalent of reclaiming the pink triangle?

I”€™ll let others decide, and leave you instead with the new land-speed record holder on the “€œlife imitating satire”€ salt flats:

On June 30, the Daily Mash joshed, “€œEverybody wondering if it’s okay to change profile back now”€:

Millions of people added rainbow stripes to their profile image over the weekend, to show their support for LGBT rights in a way that did not require them to get up from their computers.

Except, come to find out, this is really what passes for a deadly serious matter of etiquette and social standing nowadays:

But what happens now? How long should you keep it up for? Will it make you a bad person for changing it back?

Maybe the #TakeItDown gang really are onto something, albeit accidentally.

Fiddling around with flags really does seem to have wiped out every single one of America’s real problems overnight after all!


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