July 17, 2017

Isis flag

Isis flag

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Is there any evidence in the past 50 years of anyone, anywhere being charged with a “hate crime” for mocking Christianity? If there is, I haven”€™t seen it. I can”€™t recall anyone ever getting slapped with a hate-crime enhancement for insulting Christianity. If you make jokes about Jesus, you”€™re more likely to get offers from Hollywood than you are criminal charges.

Yet over the world, people are being dragged into court for the crime of hurting Allah’s feelings. I”€™m not quite sure how Allah is able to handle all of the verbal abuse. It must take a toll on him, you know? And since he’s obviously helpless, he needs his supporters to defend him.

In Oregon last week, a man bawled in front of TV cameras like a penitent sinner after being charged with a hate crime for allegedly taunting a Muslim couple with hurtful words such as “€œtake off the fucking burka”€ and “€œgo back to your fucking country.”€

In Spokane, WA, a woman was slapped with hate-crime charges for allegedly referring to her Middle Eastern neighbors as “€œterrorists.”€

Investigators in Long Island are trying to determine who committed the “€œhate crime”€ of leaving a small painting of Jesus on a fence outside an Islamic center.

No wonder so many people are afraid to say anything bad about Islam or Muhammad”€”if the Muslims don”€™t get you, the law will.

“€œIf Allah gets upset, that means he feels vulnerable, which means he’s not perfect, which means he’s not God.”€

The American girl who originally proposed “€œEverybody Draw Mohammed Day“€ back in 2010 was forced into hiding. Even the makers of South Park“€”who take an ecumenical approach to skewering everything”€”backed down after a wave of threats and censored an episode featuring Muhammad.

Things are even worse across the Atlantic. In England, the owner of a burger van is being prosecuted for “€œhate speech”€ after refusing to sell a sausage sandwich to a customer who didn”€™t agree with his anti-Islamic viewpoints. Even marchers in London’s Pride parade faced a formal legal complaint from local Muslims who were miffed at placards that read “€œAllah is Gay,”€ “€œFuck Islamic Homophobia,”€ and “€œWe”€™re here, we”€™re kaffir, get used to it.”€ It appears that even The Gays”€”who used to be perched confidently atop the progressive stack”€”are now being forced to relinquish their Gold Medal in the Oppression Olympics to eternally disgruntled and easily aggrieved Islamists.

Europe is where Muslims murder filmmakers critical of Islam. It’s where they mass-murder staff members of a satirical magazine who mocked the Prophet. It’s where they issue fatwas against novelists who dare publish heretical notions about the Quran. It’s where Brigitte Bardot“€”the only person who could possibly convince me not to hate the French”€”can be brought before authorities merely for stating the fact that Muslims aren”€™t very nice to animals.

Mind you, this is all happening in nations without Muslim majorities. None of these nations have laws against blasphemy, but they all have some sort of restrictions against “€œhate,”€ which increasingly seems to be nothing more than a secular, Cultural Marxist version of blasphemy.

In contrast, every majority-Muslim country on Earth has laws forbidding anti-Islamic blasphemy. Penalties range from fines to imprisonment to caning all the way up to hanging and decapitation”€”merely because Allah’s ego is apparently so fragile, he freaks the hell out whenever anyone insults him.

In 1994, Saudi Arabia sentenced a teenager to death for uttering allegedly blasphemous remarks. In 2015, they sentenced a poet to death for apostasy. This year, they sentenced a man to death for atheism.

In 2007, irate Bangladeshi Islamists called for the death of a cartoonist for drawing a panel in which a boy names his cat “€œMuhammad.”€ That same year, a female British teacher in Sudan was arrested after allowing her class of six-year-olds to name a teddy bear “€œMuhammad.”€

In March of this year, an Iranian court sentenced a man to death for “€œinsulting Islam”€ using a messaging app. This month, a Pakistani court sentenced a man to death “€œfor making blasphemous comments on Facebook.”€

But just as in the West, if the authorities don”€™t get you in the Islamic world, the Muslims on the street will. In 2015, a mob beat an Afghan woman to death after she was falsely accused of burning a Quran. In 2016, a Jordanian writer who was on trial for allegedly sharing a blasphemous cartoon was shot and killed outside the courthouse.

Throughout the Islamic world, people are routinely arrested or persecuted for seeming trifles such as practicing yoga, touching a Quran, spitting on a mosque, and writing Muhammad’s name on the walls of a public bathroom. If you dare to make even the tiniest peep that suggests that Islam, Muhammad, and Allah are not the greatest thing since sliced pita bread, you risk being murdered.

You”€™d think that Allah would be secure enough in his viewpoints that he”€™d be able to tolerate a smidgen of disagreement.


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