January 11, 2024

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Okay, sport fans, according to Joe Biden the Donald is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, so if you value your freedoms, do not vote for Trump or you’ll be seeing storm troopers marching down Fifth Avenue. Biden gets his ideas from The New York Times, the paper that prints only news that fits its extreme lefty agenda, and opinions whose virtue signaling is valued above truth or fact. I rarely read the Times, but when I do I find it amusing because it’s such an obvious con as a newspaper: ultra-woke, pro-migrant, anti-Catholic, pro-minority, anti-cop, pro-criminal, antiwhite. Turning Trump into Hitler was a natural, except that the Führer managed to win two Iron Crosses in World War I before ruining the greatest country of Europe in World War II. (The Donald did not serve.)

The Sulzbergers are longtime owners of the rag, and are of German-Jewish extraction, and most of the people they employ are of the Jewish faith, hence linking Trump to Hitler is a natural. Mind you, much of the propaganda and lies the Times spews out daily could match much of the Führer’s during his heyday. The last big one was a 5,000-word diatribe by a criminally verbose and obtuse Jewish lesbian, Anna Marks, naming the extreme heterosexual Taylor Swift as a fellow sapphic. It’s a wonder the Times has not yet declared Trump to be gay, but that’s only because the gay community would revolt. Trump’s heterosexuality suits the Times; men who like women are suspect to great crimes, Nazi-like crimes, white supremacist type of outrages—according to the paper, that is.

“Biden has been instructed that Trump and Hitler are one and the same, and is about to conduct his reelection campaign accordingly.”

Never mind. Biden has been instructed that Trump and Hitler are one and the same, and is about to conduct his reelection campaign accordingly. What is great help to sleepy Joe is the fact that there seems to be no boundaries left-wing journalists won’t cross when writing about conservative politicians. But why bring in Hitler? Why not Stalin or Mao or Lenin? Okay, I get it, although Adolf killed far less people than Stalin and Mao, he did pick on the Jews rather hard, if you know what I mean. I lived under German occupation when I was 4 years old until I was 7. I had a German fräulein as a nanny, a wonderful Prussian 60-year-old with white hair who ordered about the German officers who had occupied our house like a sergeant major. Some might not like to read this, but the officers were gentlemen and treated us with respect. I have German blood from my father’s side, and I was and remain a Germanophile despite how Hollywood depicts my favorite people.

I don’t know what it is, but ever since the greatest German of them all, Otto von Bismarck, united the various Germanic states and later on taught the Frogs a sharp lesson in 1870, anti-German propaganda has had a field day. Just off the top of my head, here’s a news dispatch from a Riviera journal of around 1920: “Patients were haunted by what they had seen—Germans ransacking villages, bayoneting babies, shooting the infirm.” Now, this is a crock, and the first thing to appear once the German army had swept the Belgo-French lines aside. The Belgians are nice people who produce great french fries and molest children. The Germans have produced Goethe, Schiller, Beethoven, Hoderlin, and Bismarck and have never bayoneted babies, but such are the joys of propaganda in wartime. The big lie stuck, then Hitler and his Nazis cemented the original lie.

I am lucky to have a good friend in Count Leopold Bismarck, the great-grandson of Otto, who depicts all the good that is German in his personality and manner. In his unassertive way, he has influenced style and fashion in present-day London, his kindness and superb, unaffected manners being the embodiment of a gentleman. But of course you wouldn’t expect a know-nothing ignoramus like Biden to compare Trump to someone as intelligent, perceptive, and gracious as Bismarck. It had to be Hitler, or no cigar.

The irony is that Trump is as far removed from Bismarck as he is from Hitler, but how would the Times or Biden know all that? The rag used to be reliable but is now a joke, run by woke-crazed numbskulls desperate to exclude anyone who disagrees with woke mandates. Biden has never been employed and has lived off the national trough ever since he finished among last in his class in a very undistinguished place of learning. So he picks up the baton passed to him by the Times that a Trump presidency will turn into a dictatorship and presto, Adolf is back in the news and this time no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Trump is not my cup of tea because he’s vulgar, but as president no one dared cross him. It took the whole Washington establishment to invent a Russian connection that was as false as the Hitler one, and 8 million illegals had not camped out on major American cities with all expenses paid. COVID did the Donald in, and my hunch is that he will win the nomination but lose the election. All the media except for the Murdoch TV and two newspapers are against him, and—mark Taki’s words—Hitler and Trump will be seen as one and the same sooner rather than later.


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