March 31, 2014

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Scanning the sponsors listed in the center column of the WPC’s home page reveals a multicolored cornucopia of logos from likeminded churches and colleges. I don”€™t attend church, so it is the colleges that I”€”to lift a ubiquitous progressive buzzword”€”find “€œproblematic.”€ Why are such absurd and absolutely unscientific medieval guilt scenarios”€”where “€œwhiteness”€ is reduced to “€œevil”€ and Europeans”€™ lopsidedly abundant contributions to science, art, and global longevity are either ignored or fraudulently dismissed as thievery from other cultures”€”being injected like mind-numbing psychiatric drugs into children’s brains?

Behold passages from the conference’s “€œYouth Action Project“€ page:

Students will SEE and be fully aware of the multiple manifestations of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
“€¢ Students will have the courage and confidence to NAME white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
“€¢ Students will ACT by taking effective, creative, and urgent measures to dismantle white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
“€¢ Students will PROCEED as leaders, planting ongoing seeds of change.

Apparently teaching students to READ and WRITE and ADD and SUBTRACT are no longer priorities. No, you have to constantly teach them”€”at least the white ones”€”not to be racist, which tends to undermine the oft-parroted canard that children need to be taught TO be racist.

So which one is it? If white kids need to be bitch-slapped from grades one through sixteen with the idea that white “€œracism”€ is bad, that would suggest they”€™d fall back into instinctual tribalism the moment you quit browbeating them. Your tirelessly aggressive indoctrination schemes imply a deep-seated insecurity about whether your beliefs are natural or have to be force-fed through tireless governmental, corporate, media, and religious brainwashing.

The only good idea that seemed to emerge from this farcical pink-pig hog-sloppin”€™ guilt-fest came via a Tweet from a conference attendee: “€œmaybe we should stop giving black boys to white women teachers.”€

I think that’s a capital idea, especially if the white women teachers are the typical self-loathing breed so prevalent these days”€”and by that I mean they hate the “€œwhite”€ part of themselves rather than the “€œfemale”€ part. I don”€™t even think you need to set any new policies to make this a reality. If you keep pounding the idea that “€œwhiteness = evil”€ into the skulls of the nation’s increasingly nonwhite student population, those melanin-rich young”€™uns will eventually demand that white men and women stop teaching them altogether. Purely by delicious accident, white teachers will wind up softly erasing themselves like so much chalk from the blackboard.



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