July 24, 2014

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It might be thought that when default black victimhood clashes with default female victimhood, the CultMarx commentator finds himself in difficult terrain. Who’s oppressing whom?

In practice this is a no-brainer: black still trumps female in the hierarchy of victimology.

You could ask the Central Park Jogger about that. That what happened to her on April 19, 1989 indisputably was rape, and that she was white while four of the five rapists were black (the fifth was Hispanic), threatened to cause an almighty rip in the space-time continuum.

A vastly improbable conspiracy theory was duly assembled, and before the tottering edifice could collapse under the weight of its own implausibility, it was signed off on by the mayor himself”€”the present, communist one, not the previous, neocon one, who for all his grating nannyism at least had some common sense about plain evidentiary matters and some loyalty to his law enforcement professionals.

In fact, black male even trumps black female. In the news recently was black male gynecologist Nikita Levy, who was found to have taken intimate photographs of his patients, most of them black, at a Baltimore medical center. Hewing close to CultMarx protocol, the Baltimore Sun reported the story without mentioning Levy’s race; they even decorated it with a photograph of two white lawyers!

Did Dr. Levy’s offense amount to rape? For a ruling on that, you need someone far better versed in victimology than I am: a New York Times editor, perhaps.  


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