December 10, 2012

Which brings me to the ruling family, all fifteen thousand of them, a tribe that the genuflecting media refer to as royals. These bums are all descended from Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman Al Saud, a peasant who emerged from the desert back in the 1920s, kicked out the Hashemite royal family, and declared himself king. FDR, in his infinite wisdom, became his protector in exchange for oil exploration by the nice American oil companies. Fifteen thousand so-called princes later, Europe is selling them its companies, banks, real estate, hotels, yachts, hookers, airplanes, weapons, and liquor. Despite the strict laws prohibiting booze, these billionaire camel drivers drink, whore, and gamble in Europe’s flesh spots in a manner that would compel the old Russian aristocracy to shave their beards in shame if they even approached the Saudi excesses. Talk about a place that needs a revolution and needs it very badly.

As Mark Steyn wrote in National Review:

Restive European Muslims and unlimited Saudi money can put pressure on American publishers, institutions, and media that will eventually render the First Amendment moot.

And it gets worse. The world’s tens of thousands of madrasas”€”schools where the young are taught to hate the West”€”are paid for by Saudi money, which are really your and my dollars as we continue to pay top price for Saudi oil. So what will happen when the wells run dry or when the rest of the world, including China, finds enough alternative energy to send the ghastly ones to hell?

Well, for one the hookers will have to look for other jobs, as will the expensive strip joints of the French Riviera. Casinos ditto, but there’s always the Russians, some of whom resemble the Saudis in manners if not in looks. The Internet apparently has caused some rumbles among the young, but even the Saudi youth are no prize. They are a suspicious lot, devoid of love of the arts or enjoyment of beauty. I shall not be around when the Saudi kleptocracy finally crumbles, but the Almighty has a lot to answer for after creating modern Saudi Arabia.



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