December 10, 2012

Saudi Arabia will not have Uncle Sam to kick around much longer. This is the best news I”€™ve heard since both the Governor of New York State and a Congressman from the depraved City of New York had to resign because of sex scandals. The bad news is that the kicking won”€™t stop until 2030, when the US will finally become self-sufficient in black gold and will be able to say sayonara to probably the most disgusting, revolting, and odious barbarians to inhabit our planet, and in this I include the fanatic Jewish settlers of the occupied territories. I know, I know, I”€™m going too far; seemingly nothing can top the settlers as far as intellectual squalor is concerned, but the Saudis somehow manage it.

In all the years that I”€™ve lived in London”€”where the place is crawling with Saudis”€”I”€™ve yet to meet one of these bums who didn”€™t treat poor people like dirt, didn”€™t abuse women, didn”€™t physically beat up his servants, and ever paid his bills on time. I”€™m sure there are a few Saudis who are educated and act like normal human beings, but I have yet to meet any of them.

“€œI”€™m sure there are a few Saudis who are educated and act like normal human beings, but I have yet to meet any of them.”€

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is the Wahhabi Islamic sect, a fanatical order of Islam that even a Hollywood scriptwriter couldn”€™t invent. Think of primitive man just before he discovered how to make fire, go back a thousand years or so, and then you might begin to understand the mental state of affairs in Saudi Arabia today. The Muttawah, the religious police, are everywhere, separating men and women and enforcing laws that wouldn”€™t stand up even in the Gulag. Everyone lives in houses that are enclosed”€”no verandas, no balconies, certainly no gardens in that horrible arid hellhole. Women are permitted to mix only with other women, who must be relations. A man can order his woman around in the manner German guards ordered concentration-camp orderlies. There is no recourse if a woman objects, except for escape from the country. In 2002, 15 girls died in a fire when the religious police refused to let them escape the flames without being properly dressed. This act alone should have had the world declare war against the Saudis, but what we did instead was look on approvingly when George W. Bush held hands with Abdullah, the head camel driver, just before the Iraq War.

The Saudis treat other Islamic sects in the benevolent manner Nero and Caligula behaved toward their Christian slaves. In the eastern part of this hellhole where the oil reserves are, Shia Muslims who do all the heavy lifting live in conditions unfit for rats and other such vermin. The religious authorities regard them as heretics and act toward them accordingly. In Bahrain, also a so-called kingdom, the head, one Khalifa, regards the two-thirds of the Muslim population that is Shia as subhuman and occasionally calls for help from the Saudis whenever the natives get restless. Saudi tanks cross over a skyway and restore order.


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