December 01, 2018

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They will finally have their way: In the year 2044, only a short 26 years from now, white Americans will become a minority—hooray, yippee, viva The New York Times and all the left-wing scum who write for it. So says the Census Bureau, whose graphics show a demographic change that has white Americans becoming a minority. Although some people think that the United States is a nation preoccupied by race, this is normal for a country that began as white, Christian, and European, and is now pretty close to being brown and Hispanic, with a little voodoo thrown in the mix. The left-wing, fake-news Times is, of course, celebrating, stating that “this is a doomsday clock counting down to the end of cultural and racial dominance.” The Times views Americans who don’t agree with its extreme left-wing message as white nationalists, which is par for the course. The paper refers to those who are cheering the end of a white majority as progressives.

This writer is Christian, white, and heterosexual. I am obviously seen as anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic by the intolerants who write for the Times. Mind you, I am none of the above, but try telling that to the lefties who dominate the media in the United States. Actually, it doesn’t bother me in the least, but here’s a small example of the intolerance of the left when it comes to race: Janelle James is a black stand-up comedian who has a special on Netflix. In one of her segments she says she likes white guys, before pausing to clarify: “Not as human beings.” Now, just think what would happen if I wrote something like this in jest and substituted the word black for white.

“Takimag readers are asked to think about their future.”

About 25 years ago, I wrote a column in The Spectator making fun of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, which more often than not back then ended in a riot, some rapes, and lots of damage to property. The Hispanic dailies called me a Nazi; the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement that people like myself were obviously also anti-Semitic, since “racists like him usually are”; and the mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, announced that he would deport me. Until, that is, he found out I was an American citizen, and unlike him had been drafted back in 1959, when I was already a citizen.

See what I mean about double and triple standards? Once we’re in the minority in the year of our Lord 2044, maybe we will also be allowed to make jokes about the ruling majority of Hispanics, blacks, and Orientals. Here are a few facts that we must not joke about for the moment: Whites in the U.S. are underrepresented in every area of crime. Blacks are overrepresented, except in terrorism, where Muslims excel. Thirteen percent of the population is black, yet are responsible for 54% of robberies, 53% of homicides, 30% of rapes, and 40% of violent crime. These statistics are ignored by The New Yorker, The New York Times, CNN, and the three major networks, because statistics don’t lie. Other statistics show that the more immigrants come in, the more wages go down. We also know that our Swiss cheese borders with Mexico bring in drugs and death, yet when Trump focused on closing down the drug and death border he was and is still vilified by those I just mentioned, who all of course live in gated white communities and upper-class buildings with great security.

Illegal immigrants in the U.S. number as high as 20 million and as low as 12 million. The trouble is that with only 8 percent of the world’s population, Latin America accounts for about one-third of all global murders, and Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia account for nearly 25 percent of the world’s homicides. You will never read such statistics in The New York Times, needless to say, but you will in The Wall Street Journal, where I found them.

Mexico’s economic lifeblood is exports, and 81 percent of its exports end up in the U.S. This is the stick that Trump carries in keeping Mexico’s border closed unless it stops illegals storming the barricades. Yet the ACLU and the publications mentioned above are busy crying foul and calling The Donald racist for keeping the mob out. Takimag readers are asked to think about their future. The only good news I have for you is that by 2044 we will be in the minority and will be allowed to make jokes. Yippee!


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