June 27, 2017

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Regular readers of this column know that one of my recurring themes is how white nationalists/alt-rightists sometimes come to resemble a reverse-negative image of the SJWs of color they detest. People who claim that Jews manipulate whites into interracial relationships are, to me, no different than leftists who claim that whites manipulate the world into thinking that white people, and white women in particular, are more attractive and desirable. You hear this assertion time and again from the nonwhite left. The West, with its wicked white-man media magic, has tricked the rest of the world into accepting a white standard of beauty. Noble people of color have been bamboozled into thinking that white women represent the highest standard of attractiveness. I could cite a thousand leftist studies, like this one from Columbia University, condemning the media for perpetuating the “€œmyth”€ of the European beauty standard. As feminist writer-of-color Danielle Henderson told Mic.com last year, “€œThe problem is that all these social messages you get about what is and who is beautiful influences who you think is beautiful. Representation matters and it matters because we can raise an entire generation of people who don”€™t carry this cultural baggage with them.”€

Now, the average white nationalist/alt-rightist would laugh at the idea that media trickery is what makes white women a global beauty ideal. What foolishness! These things are not determined by the media. There are objective, hardwired standards of beauty, regardless of what the media says or does. Leftists who claim otherwise are just bitter that they didn”€™t draw a winning hand in the looks lottery. Yet that same white nationalist/alt-rightist would probably turn around and post a blog rant about how leftists/Jews are using the media to manipulate beauty standards and alter racial sexual preferences in order to encourage the dilution of the white race.

You can”€™t have it both ways, folks. Either the media can override ingrained, perhaps even genetically hardwired, beauty standards, or it can”€™t. Either the power is real, or it isn”€™t. And if you think the power is real, you ought to go out for cosmos with your new best pal, Huffington Post sad-sack Donovan Trott. See, at the beginning of this piece, when I wrote, “€œI”€™m sure we all sympathize with Donovan Trott,”€ I wasn”€™t entirely joking. Whether some on the far right admit it or not, they”€™re on the same page as that guy. They too believe in the notion of racial sexual preference “€œreconditioning.”€ They see such preferences as malleable, and they see a malevolent force at work, distorting those preferences in the service of a racist agenda, an agenda that can only be defeated by sheer force of will, and maybe a little “€œreeducation.”€

Donovan Trott and white nationalists…peas in a pod.

And political pundits keep telling us this nation is hopelessly ideologically divided. Hogwash. Look close enough, and you”€™ll see agreement where you never would have expected it to exist.


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