June 27, 2017

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Life in these United States can be very difficult for an African-American cisgendered homosexual male rice-queen. Like I needed to tell any of you that. I”€™m sure we all sympathize with Donovan Trott, a gay black filmmaker with a sizable chip on his nicely toned shoulder. Last week, Trott penned a piece in the Huffington Post titled “€œAn Open Letter To Gay, White Men: No, You”€™re Not Allowed To Have A Racial Preference”€ (you gotta admire an author who resists the urge to give away his entire thesis in the title). In the piece, Trott informs white gay men that when it comes to dating, they are not allowed to have a racial preference (didn”€™t see that coming, huh?). The piece plays out very much as you”€™d expect”€”racism, current year, Trump. “€œBroadcasting your distaste for an entire race, or multiple races, in the year 2017 is really dumb in addition to being racist as fuck,”€ Trott lectures. “€œYes, people like what they like but sometimes the things people like are racist, like lawn jockeys or the current president of the United States. You can”€™t say you prefer one race of people as romantic partners, or anything really, to another because all of the people who belong to one race are not the same. No matter how you slice it, it’s racist.”€

Black and Asian men get a pass from Trott, because they”€™re all (yes, all) victims of racism. “€œEvery Black and Asian man who grew up on this planet grew up surrounded by positive images of whiteness and white men. Therefore, our desire to date within our own race, when we choose to, is not rooted in any assertion made by society that we”€™re better than anyone else.”€ Claiming that every black and Asian man “€œon this planet”€ grew up surrounded by positive images of whiteness and white men (I had no idea there were that many white men in China’s Hubei province) is stupid even by HuffPo standards, as is the claim that no Asians see themselves as superior to other races (Trott’s obviously never actually been to Asia. Get out da damn house once in a while, gurlfriend).

There is nothing unexpected or particularly newsworthy about the fact that a moron SJW wrote something stupid and the Huffington Post published it; that’s just business as usual. But Trott’s closing paragraph piqued my interest in a way that no previous HuffPost “€œdamn you racist whitey”€ piece has ever been able to do. He closes his screed with an insistence that white males put themselves through “€œre-programming”€ therapy to change their aesthetic preferences:

“€œFine, I”€™m a horrible racist asshole. What do I do about it? I can”€™t re-program myself to find men of color more attractive,”€ some of you might be saying. Actually, you can. As you know, the brain is the largest sexual organ in your body and it’s capable of amazing growth. Think of it like learning a new language, better still, think of it like unlearning a racist one.

Yes, after years of gay activists bitching and moaning about Christians pushing “€œgay conversion therapy,”€ a gay brutha, with the full support of Arianna Huffington & Co., is pushing a conversion therapy of his own. Remember how the loafer lighteners attacked Mike Pence last year over his supposed support for gay conversion therapy? “€œWhite Christian fascist! You can”€™t force someone to change their sexual preferences. We like who we like; no “€˜therapy”€™ can change that!”€ Yet now, after having made a massive stink last year over the fact that gays can”€™t “€œunlearn”€ their preferences through therapy, the HuffPost does an about-face and tells us that sure, they can unlearn “€™em just fine. Reconditioning is dandy as a daffodil as long as it’s in the service of the great holy jihad against racism!

“€œSo much for the awesome power of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”€

Much the same way that my cat, when vomiting, will occasionally emit a noise that sounds vaguely human, so too has Trott, while expelling puke all over the already fetid pages of the HuffPost, accidentally managed to luck into a point that deserves further inquiry. To what extent are our racial sexual preferences hardwired into our brains? Much time and text has been devoted to the debate over whether gender preference is learned or inherent. But what about racial preference? Can you learn or unlearn being attracted to a certain racial aesthetic? And if such preferences are learned, can they be influenced, even surreptitiously?

To white nationalists and a sizable segment of the alt-right, this is no small point. A frequent accusation thrown at either “€œthe Jews”€ or “€œthe left”€ (or both) is that “€œthey”€ encourage miscegenation via their diabolical mass-media control. Multiracial couples and families are now commonplace on TV, in commercials, sitcoms, etc. And while some might argue that this is simply good marketing (an actor of mixed or indeterminate race can appeal to a wider consumer demographic than one who is, how best to put it, a “€œpurebred”€), many on the right see a malevolent secret agenda at work. “€œThe Jews are using Hollywood to make white girls race-mix! The media is corrupting our racial stock by encouraging interracial love!”€ This was the worldview of one of the most notorious racial serial killers of the past thirty years, Jonathan Haynes, the “€œAryan Beauty Killer“€ who stalked me for a spell in the early “€™90s (I first mentioned this charmer in a column back in 2015). In one of the rambling voicemail messages he left for me while in the middle of his killing spree, Haynes declared:

Let me get to the point. I see a lot of black men going out with white women. I see movies like “€˜Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”€™ and I see who’s behind it, and it doesn”€™t make me comfortable. I look at the people who’s producing that type of movie in Hollywood. “€˜Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,”€™ “€˜Jungle Fever,”€™ et cetera, ad nauseam, and I meditate on my own position. I think I”€™m a worthwhile person and I think I do deserve a wife! And if I can”€™t get a wife, I”€™m gonna get angry and I”€™m gonna look for the cause of why I can”€™t get a wife, why all these white women are going out with black men. I”€™m gonna look at the cause and I”€™m gonna try to eliminate them.

And eliminate them he did (you gotta admire a man with follow-through). But if we set aside the self-pity and scapegoating, is it really possible for the media to influence racial sexual preferences? There have been studies in mainstream academia suggesting that such preferences are evolutionarily hardwired into our DNA. So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that there is indeed an aspect of racial sexual preference that is nature, not nurture. Can a bunch of invisible-handers, a shady collection of media-controlling cabalists, override that biology with TV commercials? A 2016 University of Nebraska study discovered that while a majority of young, media-saturated post-millennials approve of interracial relationships in theory, most of them still “€œregister disgust”€ on a deep, unconscious level when faced with images of such couplings. A 2013 study of college students revealed that black students were even more disapproving of interracial relationships than their white counterparts. And an article this month in the Houston Chronicle reported that while a whopping 82 percent of Houston residents approve of the concept of interracial marriage, a mere 11 percent of nonblack Houston residents actually intermarry with blacks.

So much for the awesome power of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. The media might be able to make people more comfortable with the idea of interracial relationships, but that doesn”€™t mean Hollywood has the power to override our individual preferences. Don”€™t get me wrong”€”leftists do indeed view race-mixing as yet another weapon to be wielded against their No. 1 bogeyman, “€œwhiteness.”€ But there’s a limit to the effect a few TV commercials and Benetton ads can have on deeply ingrained aspects of our nature.


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