May 04, 2007

The immigration protest march this week gave me some food for thought. There are 800,000 British passport holders who can at any time come to the United States without a visa or subject to any controls. These Brits are all either Pakistani born and naturalized British subjects, or their sons or grandsons. Pakistani Britons travel to their ancestral land of Pakistan around—get this—400,000 times per year.  400,000 trips are taken each year by Britons of Pakistani descent who are then free to arrive in the U.S. unmolested and uncontrolled and do their stuff. Jihadist ideology is the prevailing ideology of young, disillusioned Pakistanis in Britain, turned off by what they see as loose morals and all round decadence of the West. America is to them the great Satan. So let’s get one thing straight. Before we have another 9/11, all Britons—Pakistani or as English as the Queen—should come under watertight scrutiny when visiting our shores. It’s the price the Brits have to pay for not having listened to Enoch Powell back in the Sixties when he warned about the perils of multiculturalism.


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