June 01, 2012

Great Garbo

Great Garbo

ONBOARD S/Y BUSHIDO—However you cut it, Greek demagogues are bluffing that the faceless suits of Brussels will give in to the blackmail and fold their hand. Greeks are born gamblers. The tragedy is that the same criminals who ruined the country to begin with are about to be reelected on June 17th. The criminals led by Antonis Samaras currently have 26%; the left-wing bluffer and con man Alexis Tsipras has 20%. Talk about Scylla and Charybdis!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that this Tsipras chappie who is running neck-and-neck with the so-called center-right was an enemy of my class and background but his hands were clean. Now people in the know tell me the money behind him is as filthy as it gets. One of his backers, a publisher named Bobolas who comes up to my waist, allegedly hopes that once we default he can bring the moolah he keeps outside Greece and buy the rest of what’s left of the place. His TV network and newspapers parrot Tsipras and his populist message. Greece stays in Europe but does not pay her debts. Nice work if you can get it.

“God, what I would give to meet one of these bureaucrooks in a locked and soundproof room—almost as much as I would give to run over a few Greek politicians.”

After the military regime’s 1974 collapse, two of Greece’s greatest con men and crooks, Karamanlis and Papandreou, played musical chairs with the premiership for twenty years. The nephew and son of the two con men also became prime ministers, but Papa Junior was honest—that’s why he only lasted two years. Karamanlis Junior was a fat slob who matched Andreas Papandreou in corruption and in fiddling the books. His successor as head of the center-right New Democracy party, Samaras, is like a rattlesnake, except the snake gives off a warning. Samaras is a born traitor and opportunist, but he’s most likely the next prime minister of Greece.

Whatever way you look at it, Greece cannot continue with the austerity measures and should opt out of a system that violates national sovereignty and is a doomsday machine for jobs and growth.

David Cameron and George Osborne continue to back the EU Trojan Horse instead of taking the opportunity to get out once and for all. But what Britain does is none of my business. If the Brits allow their leaders to commit national suicide, tant pis, as the Frogs say. Greece is my business, however, and Greece never should have adopted the euro.


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