November 15, 2016

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There are going to be more Mexicans and Muslims in America four years from now than there are today. Lefties are going to be as energized by Trump as they were under Reagan and Bush. What happens when Trump invents a new federal department, pardons Hillary, and/or underbuses Milo?

“€œNobody votes for Trump or likes Trump on the basis of policy positions,”€ said the Dangerous Faggot himself. “€œThat’s a misunderstanding of what the Trump phenomenon is.”€

But what if Yiannopoulos was one of those misunderstanders too? And the “€œTrump phenomenon”€ was really about The Donald saying anything he had to in order to get elected president, just like any other politician?

So, yeah: I”€™m relieved beyond words that Clinton lost. I”€™m also temperamentally incapable of believing that any elected official isn”€™t a corrupt, lying scumbag.

I”€™ve been trying not to reject, like a recently transplanted organ, Scott Adams”€™ radical contention that Trump’s promises were never traditional (and therefore bullshit) campaign promises to begin with, but a master negotiator’s nigh on absurd opening demands, intended to be flexible all along.

And I”€™ve been dutifully repeating that line about taking Trump “€œseriously, but not literally.”€

There’s been a lot of talk on the right over the past few years about facing reality, about “€œtaking the red pill instead of the blue one.”€ That’s precisely why I”€™ve answered all my friends”€™ “€œOMG!!!!!!“€ emails since Wednesday morning with a dour “€œWe”€™ll see.”€ One of them finally got fed up, replying:

Blackest of the black pills coming from Shaidle”€”LET ME BE HIGH ENERGY FOR 1 WEEK PLEASE!

Well, that week is up.

For your own sanity, and so we don”€™t end up looking like total retards:

Everyone take one black pill daily for the next four years.


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