February 22, 2024

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk

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Things ain’t looking that good. Nothing seems to be working in the so-called free world: rubbish in the streets, vandalism and violent crime, illegal immigration at record levels, no-go areas in towns and cities; is this why we pay taxes and call ourselves free? Mass shootings have become a way of life in America, illegal underage migrants are turning New York and Chicago into war zones, and Joe Biden is given a pass by an enabling and compliant media that has made the profession of journalism lower than that of the oldest profession.

Even Donald Tusk is not playing fair. He’s trampling Polish democracy but is being given a pass because he’s pro-Brussels, the great unelected body of nobodies who rule the lives of hundreds of millions of Europeans and live in the style of the old maharajas. European farmers are revolting, and rightly so.

The other Donald, Trump, after being targeted by a black Attorney General and a Jewish-American judge, will end up being the poorest American citizen after being forced to pay fines that would financially weaken Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. This is a politically motivated tar-and-feather job on the Donald, and it’s the price one pays for being a right-winger nowadays. It also signals that New York City is no longer open for business unless you’re on the left. Here’s what David Lammy, the black shadow foreign minister of Britain, had to say about America’s 45th president: “A woman-hating, neo-Nazi sociopath.” What was the reason for this very un-British outburst? Trump dared to say to NATO bigwigs, “You gotta pay your bills or we won’t defend you.” Nice!

“Is this why we pay taxes and call ourselves free?”

And speaking of matters military, chicken hawks in Washington keep looking for a fight—the latest is a Russian threat in space—and what bothers me is, who is going to do the fighting? We have created a society where young people think that words, or even silence, can be violent; quite how those with this mindset could ever fire or be fired upon is unclear. But I forget that those who start wars, like the dreaded neoconservatives Kristol, Podhoretz, Feith, Wolfowitz, Abrams, and their ilk did in 2003, do not do the fighting and, like Cheney, who took five deferments during the Vietnam war, cheer the brave ones on from afar.

And now back to Trump, if I may, and this time it’s not about money but something better than the root of all envy: sex. As everyone knows, Trump is facing “hush money” trials for paying “ladies” like Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to not go public. What I don’t understand is, what’s wrong with paying such “ladies” money to keep their trap shut? If they were my type, which they are not because they’re much too down-market, and I happened to be running for office, which I am not, I too would pay them to shut up. Instead, and as if he didn’t have enough problems, Trump will have to sit in a drab New York courthouse and listen to a bunch of greedy lawyers go on and on about how these two “ladies” were badly treated and their reputations ruined by the mean old Donald. This is comic-book stuff, except that the people involved are real. In the meantime, a couple of miles east, a Brooklyn school proposes that 9-year-old kids should be allowed to explore their gender, whether they want to be trans or queer. My only wish is that a large asteroid crashes and blows up the school while the committee is meeting to decide whether the kids should have such a choice. Come on, asteroid, where are you now that we so badly need you?

The civilized French are way ahead of us in this respect. When Felix Faure, President of the Republic from 1895 to 1899, and as old as Biden, died in the saddle, they named an avenue after him for trying to please a lady and expiring as a result. Vive la France! When an opponent of very old Lord Palmerston threatened to expose him in 1865 for having a quickie in his office, he was advised to keep his trap shut because if word got out, Palmerston would win in a landslide. Nelson Rockefeller had bad luck because his womanizing did not get out until he dropped dead at 70 while having it off with his secretary Megan Marshak, definitely not to be confused with that other lollipop, Meghan Markle.

The hypocrisy in the Trump case is what bothers me. Show me a businessman who doesn’t overvalue his assets and downgrade his debits and I’ll show you someone who chooses his wife in an orgy. In a more serious vein, the Biden regime has allowed 6 million migrants to invade America, among them terrorists, robbers, rapists, and murderers, and by continuing to do so is changing the ethnic, racial, social, and political character and composition of the American family. With this invasion has come a flood of the narcotic fentanyl, which in one year has killed more Americans than all the U.S. war dead in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. Biden is the worst thing to happen to America and the civilized world since the invention of the internet.


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