November 25, 2014

Source: Shutterstock

There’s a “€œone-child policy”€ joke in here somewhere. So are the Chinese just trying to out-weird their longtime rival for the Craziest Asian Nation title, Japan? (“€œWe”€™ll see you “€˜comfort women”€™ and raise you “€˜uncomfortable men.”€™”€)

Or could these simulations catch on even in the West, and become the next hipster pregnancy must-have, along with doulas, Baby Björns, and that Vulli “€œSophie”€ giraffe? Surely the only thing preventing such a fad is America’s punitive regulatory and liability culture, for which I suddenly find myself experiencing a strange new respect.

Also this week, we learned that “€œtransgender men who get pregnant face social, health challenges.”€

(Like “€œgetting arrested for stalking,”€ I guess.)

As for “€œmenstruation simulation,”€ that was apparently a thing back in 2010. A (surprise!) half-Japanese “€œartist”€ claimed she”€™d invented a “€œsilvery device”€ “€œworn around the waist like a belt”€ that “€œdrips about 80 milliliters of blood from a tank,”€ and that’s as far as I got.

Except that the device, we”€™re told, “€œmay or may not be purely conceptual.”€

Looks like another lady creative couldn”€™t bear, for whatever reasons, to bring her bizarre idea to term.

God knows I”€™m not the world’s most empathetic gal, but in this case, sweetie, believe me: I feel your pain.


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