January 24, 2017

Source: Bigstock

The same outlet, Canada’s state broadcaster, which is underwritten by my extorted tax dollars, also “€œreported”€ on “€œHow to make a pink pussy hat if you don”€™t knit”€ (which should have, at the very least, been accompanied by some kind of pre-click “€œdisturbing content”€ warning, dammit. But note: Doesn”€™t this woman look like she’s having the greatest time in years? It’s almost as if Trump”€”or someone”€”I dunno…grabbed her by the pussy…).

Thanks to Asra Q. Nomanio”€”the Muslim female “€œlifelong liberal feminist who voted for Trump”€ who, to their credit, writes for The New York Times“€”we now know for sure what we suspected all along:

That the Women’s March, that “€œspontaneous”€ “€œgrassroots”€ uprising, was no such thing, or, at least, didn”€™t stay that way for long, and that”€”is anyone else getting literally nauseous having to type/say the following words every five goddamn minutes, and is that all part of the plan too?”€”it “€œhas ties”€ to George Soros.

Ironically and accidentally, Nomanio scores a feminist point, of sorts:

Some women really are smarter than men.

Proof? Her colleague, Nicholas Kristof, tweeted:

An astonishing 1% of Americans joined in Women’s Marches around the country today. People power trumps Trump.

I know, right?

“€œSo, er, where were all these women when Hillary Clinton was speaking to near-empty arenas, or on Election Day, when such a turnout actually mattered?”€ all of you non-multiple-award-winning New York Times columnists are rightly wondering.

Well, while I am as far from being a typical female as you are ever likely to encounter, I have just enough estrogen in my system to solve that “€œmystery.”€

Women don”€™t want their grievances fixed, you silly boys.

They want them heard.


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