February 01, 2024

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Third-worlders killed three Americans in Jordan over the weekend, and our political establishment is ready to start World War III. Which is more of a national security threat: terrorists 6,000 miles away, or our wide-open border?

People have different ways of evaluating threats, but the most basic test is: Which one kills more U.S. citizens?

Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in Islamic lands so far this year: 3.

Americans killed by third-worlders who entered our country illegally so far this year: 150.

I’m not even counting the 100,000 Americans who die annually of fentanyl and meth delivered by Mexican drug cartels. That’s 270 deaths a day right there.

“Why are we spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on a Border Security Program in Jordan when our country is being invaded?”

But overdose deaths, I’m told, can’t be blamed on Mexico because Americans voluntarily took the drugs. I note that this is the only circumstance in which we’re allowed to blame the addict. In every other context, it’s not the druggie’s fault. It’s a “disease”! Just hand us your checkbook so we can fund the addict’s lifestyle and endless stints in rehab.

So we’ll ignore those dead Americans, just like open-borders enthusiasts do.

How about Americans murdered by illegals? Every year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests nearly 2,000 illegal aliens who’ve committed murder in this country. Last year, for example, ICE caught 1,323 illegals with homicide convictions and 390 with homicide charges pending. (They’re all guilty.)

That’s about 1,700 Americans murdered by illegals every year, or five a day.

Three Americans on a military assignment in Jordan are killed by foreigners during the month of January, and we’re sending in the Marines. More than 150 Americans in America are murdered by foreigners that same month — and we send in the social workers.

This week, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News (especially Fox News) have begun every show with “breaking news” on the Jordan attack, and then spent half an hour demanding retaliation.

We’ve gotten so accustomed to the political class not caring about Americans murdered by illegals that I don’t think anyone other than me even finds this weird. Couldn’t the networks give us maybe a fast 90 seconds on the five American citizens killed daily by foreigners who broke into our country?

As I may have mentioned a time or two, outside of the U.S., Canada, Australia and a few other places settled by the British, plus Japan and Israel, the rest of the world is a cesspool of illiterate savages living on less than $10 a day who are thunderstruck by electricity and written language. (Thanks to the “refugee crisis,” Northern Europe is about five years from going full cesspool.)

We have no choice but to deal with the third-worlders in our own backyard. But why are we plopping American troops in the middle of third-worlders on other continents? Why are we spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on a Border Security Program in Jordan when our country is being invaded?

These far-flung deployments don’t make one American safer, but do “risk angering [the] population,” as the Air Force Times put it in a gargantuan understatement.

Idea: How about not putting Americans there?

But instead of saying that, Republicans are responding to the Jordan attack by sneering at President Biden for being “weak” and “scared of his own shadow.” (That was Suzy Warmonger Nikki Haley).

Yes, it seems that Republican presidents have an invisible forcefield that prevents terrorists from behaving like terrorists! You know, like the 1983 Beirut bombings that killed 241 American servicemen under Ronald Reagan, or Muslim immigrants murdering 3,000 Americans under George W. Bush.

Demanding a military response, Suzy Warmonger asks: “When have we ever let men and women sit and take strikes like that?”

Answer: Five times a day, right here in America.

Republicans have nearly rolled their eyes out of their sockets in response to the left pretending we’re still at war with the Russkies.

REFRESHER: Reagan won the Cold War three decades ago. It’s over, move on. (Incidentally, at the time, liberals were firmly on the commies’ side.)

But conservatives are play-acting that it’s 1941: They view every peasant uprising anywhere in the world as if it’s the next Hitler, and only America can stop him!

None of these upheavals are the Third Reich. But more important, it’s our country that’s being invaded — by bands of destitute, culturally backward people. We were worried about Germans? If they’d invaded, at least things would work. Now we can’t even maintain the roads, subways, electrical grids and sewage systems built by previous generations.

We didn’t have to worry about a third-world invasion during World War II because we weren’t a welfare state. Until LBJ’s Great Society programs, any preliterate people who wandered into our country would starve to death. Now we lure them here with free iPhones, hot meals, hotel rooms, airline flights, housing, gigantically expensive medical care and the promise of welfare for life. All paid for by you, taxpayer.

Fall of Rome, modern edition: The Romans offered the barbarians free iPhones.

You want open borders? Go back to the laissez-faire country of the 1940s.

Great idea, Ann! Except it’ll never happen because of all the third-worlders already living and voting here. The only thing that works, ever would work and ever will work is mass deportations and a gigantic wall.


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