June 03, 2024

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Walking through my local park one sunny evening recently, I was confronted by the surprisingly amusing sight of an apparent attempted child-grooming incident. A tall, twentysomething-looking, brown, and fuzzy-haired individual of distinctly Middle Eastern mien had stolen the soccer ball of some schoolgirls and was refusing to give it back unless they agreed to interact with him in some fashion: I was too far away to hear but would guess he was demanding their phone numbers or suchlike. According to my own expert eye (as an ex-teacher, not an Arab pedophile), I’d estimate the kids in question were about 14 years old, although, to judge by their general state of sunburned quasi-undress, not necessarily entirely virginal.

Deliberating whether or not to intervene and get immediately stabbed in the neck for my troubles, I was spared the dilemma by a most cheering development. The girls in question were evidently of a somewhat less-than-refined upper-middle-class demeanor and snatched the ball back off the thief before running back to tell a much larger gang of their friends that they had just been semi-molested by, as their loudest leader crudely yet accurately put it, “a fucking foreigner!” At this point, the entire band of 15–20 youths descended piranha-like straight upon Ali Akbar and began berating him to the extent that it was now his own physical safety I was more worried for, not that of his targeted teenage jailbait.

“Has there ever been a police state in history that has been quite so kind?”

Never before had I seen George Orwell’s old assessment that “If there was hope, it must lie in the proles” so perfectly well-illustrated. As recent child-grooming scandals in economically depressed English former mill towns like Rochdale, Rotherham, and Telford have ably shown, whenever violent Muslim rape gangs prey upon defenseless lower-class white schoolgirls en masse, polite British society, and the pathetic policemen and -women who increasingly look the other way, will lift not a single finger to save them.

Under such circumstances here in Britainistan, I’m glad the girls began taking matters into their own hands as Orwell advised and saved me the effort of calling in the cops—after all, if I had dialed 999 and reported what had gone on, the only arrest that would probably have resulted was that of the little girl in question for calling her would-be groomer a “fucking foreigner.”

Stabbing Pains
Or maybe I would have been arrested myself for daring even to object to such a fine example of multiculturalism in action? Just look at how the British police responded recently to the repeated stabbing of Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel in Sydney by a 16-year-old Arabic-speaker during a livestreamed sermon in April, apparently in revenge for the bishop having made an “insult” against “my prophet.”

What does a terror attack in Australia have to do with the good old British bobby? Nothing. Until, that is, a British citizen foolishly decided to criticize the crime in private, resulting in a subsequent “friendly” visit from Sussex Police. The man, Jonjo Hooper, had gone to see his local Orthodox clergyman following Bishop Emmanuel’s stabbing and asked him “Are we Christians supposed to take a stand?” against having their throats slit like halal cattle. Apparently not.

Either eavesdropping busybodies or the troublesome priest himself (accounts differ) seemingly interpreted Hooper’s innocent question as some kind of potential call for mass religious violence against all ordinary Muslims, even Mo Salah and Ali Bongo, leading to two police officers, one male and one female, turning up at Hooper’s house unannounced…in the company of a male NHS (National Health Service) mental health nurse.

According to the female officer, people had “raised concerns” to them about Hooper’s response to the stabbing, framing their call as a wholly well-meaning attempt merely to check up on his welfare: “What are your concerns?” she asked, painfully sincere. “Is there anything we can help with?”

The best way they could have helped was by turning around and immediately leaving. As Hooper explained, they were demonstrating clear double standards of “Christianophobia” by even turning up on his doorstep and pretending to “care” for him and his well-being at all:

“I’m not calling for violence or anything like that…. You allow [Islamic] hate preachers in this country to preach the killing of homosexuals, and now you’re on my door because I’m calling for Christians to take a stand…. We Christians can’t even voice an opinion…. You can’t even have an opinion now without the police turning up; this is a police state.”

Yes, but has there ever been a police state in history that has been quite so kind? Leftist dictators of the past, like Enver Hoxha and Erich Honecker, once went out of their way to make their agents of oppression seem fearsome and cruel. Their Western descendants today now go out of their way to make their own doorstep ideology-enforcers seem sympathetic and likable—at least in theory. In practice, it may be that the more unvarnished approach of the old-time Marxist regimes was at least more honest, in its way. As C.S. Lewis famously once wrote:

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

But still, what did C.S. Lewis know? After all, he was only a stupid Christian.

An Unfair Cop
Viewing footage of the event, since widely shared from Hooper’s social media account, the overwhelming impression is of Hooper being visited by a pair of shit actors simply playing police officers from the popular children’s BBC TV show Balamory. These visibly unthinking clockwork automatons give every impression of having just seized and then consumed an entire illegally imported consignment of Valium for their own personal benefit, as the female officer (PC Turner) sits herself down on the sofa and spends most of the meeting chummily tickling Hooper’s dog, whilst the male officer (PC Green) stands there holding his braces and looking all of about 12 years old, whilst adding precisely nothing worthwhile to proceedings whatsoever.

“He’s lovely!” PC Turner says admiringly of the pooch, but evidently they consider his owner to be a rather more dangerous and unmuzzled beast. “This is religious discrimination right now, you know,” Hooper protests, “because you wouldn’t be knocking on Muslims’ doors if they’d had this [kind of] conversation.”

This rational critique being difficult to counter, eventually the equally friendly and concerned accompanying mental health nurse, who introduces himself on immediate first-name terms as Shaun, steps in to explain soothingly that “There was a report about some beliefs being expressed.” Jesus Christ, how appalling! “The reason I’m here [is] because I work for the NHS,” he continues, “and if you’re willing, I’m happy to talk and listen with you, if you have any concerns about your well-being.”

Or, in slightly plainer terms, perhaps: “Hello, I’m Shaun, an agent of the Dhimmi State, and I’m here to give you the option of voluntarily declaring yourself to be mentally ill simply for having the audacity to criticize radical Islam.” Critics often talk about pro-Muslim neo-blasphemy laws being reintroduced to the West these days via the route of a corrupted legal system, but what about this deceit also being performed via the route of the equally corrupted state medical system as well?

Not actually being insane, Hooper is commendably quick to provide a reasonable retort to this piece of passive-aggressive moral quackery: “So because I’ve questioned about the Church not acting on behalf of Christians, you’re now turning up here with mental health nurses, assuming I’m some right-wing nutter.”

Indeed they are—but does Hooper not see? As an obvious right-wing “nutter,” the C.S. Lewis-echoing authorities in question wish only to help cure him, not to punish him at all. They are acting for his own good, nothing more, nothing less. To refuse their kind offer of help would in fact be rather ungrateful of him: It could even be interpreted as being yet another manifestation of his self-evident state of deep mental illness, could it not?

Due to the unfortunate fact that Hooper had not actually done anything illegal (or not done anything that is illegal yet, at any rate), the officers and nurse were ultimately forced to leave empty-handed, their intended loony-bin quarry quite rightly subsequently planning to file official complaints against them all, so he said.

The Loony Bin of History
As Hooper correctly observed, far from being in any way actually deranged in nature, his concerns about the stabbing of Bishop Emmanuel were precisely the same ones as those “bothering everyone else in the country right now” about the spread of homegrown, or pointlessly mass-imported, radical Islam across the West, but this also did not matter. The majority, sane opinions about such subjects are now arbitrarily to be redefined as being the insane ones, and the insane, minority viewpoints redefined anew likewise, but in the precise reverse manner.

In the old Soviet Union, disagreeing with official ideology was enough to get you locked away in a lunatic asylum for being “mad” enough to disagree with what the ruling party falsely claimed to be “objective reality.” Are similar abuses of power due to be resurrected in the West sometime soon too?

In October last year, Hillary Clinton openly called for the “formal deprogramming” of “those MAGA extremists”—a precise breed of “lunatic” otherwise known as “Donald Trump voters”—in order to “cure” such obvious “cult members,” as she labeled them, of their ailments. After all, otherwise they might remain “delusional” enough to actually vote for Donald to become president again for a second time, come this November.

Members of the Sussex branches of the U.K. police force and NHS evidently feel similarly about those equally mentally disturbed members of the public (i.e., the overwhelming majority) who consistently keep on voting for parties promising very firmly to substantially reduce the numbers of persons from wholly incompatible cultures currently pouring into their countries via mass immigration and wandering around as if they own the place, brutally stabbing their bishops, bothering their 14-year-old daughters in parks, stealing their soccer balls, and suchlike.

The public may keep voting for parties who promise to reduce the numbers coming in, of course—and yet, strangely, once the people’s votes in this respect have been gratefully received and counted, these very same parties somehow never seem to get around to actually doing so. And yet, come election time (4 July here in the U.K.), if only through lack of any viable alternatives, still the people keep on voting for such completely empty promises.

Considering that one common definition of insanity is continually performing the same useless actions and yet magically expecting there to be a different outcome to them, perhaps the Hillary Clintons and NHS Dr. Shauns of this world are correct to diagnose the general population as being profoundly mentally ill after all?

Come 4 July, my vote will be going to those 14-year-old girls from my local park. They’re the only ones who’ll actually fight back against any of this stuff.


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