August 08, 2007

I have a solution to Scott Richert’s McDonald’s conundrum: if you don’t like McDonald’s, then don’t patronize them. I know that’s terribly complicated, but there you have it.

Is Senor Richert proposing to nationalize the fast food business, in order to get the government to inject “meaning” into McDonald’s hamburgers? Richert says “of course” he doesn’t want the government to intervene—but, then, what does he want? If you want religion, go to church. If you want a hamburger, go to McDonald’s.

Or, maybe, he just wants to make sure that the ingredients are “100% American.” And, of course, we can’t have all those non-Americans serving McDonald’s hamburgers—after all, some of them might even be (shudder!) Muslims! Although the Richertian anti-McDonald’s movement might make a few recruits among this latter group.


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