May 13, 2013

Jason Richwine

Jason Richwine

Why, it’s not as if a 2001 meta-analysis of over five million human subjects determined that the average IQ gap between American whites and Hispanics was 11 points. Nor is it true that SAT scores tend to skew along stubbornly persistent racial lines. Nor is there any evidence that a nation’s mean IQ is strongly correlated with a nation’s relative prosperity.

But even if all those troublesome facts and statistics are correct, SO FREAKING WHAT? Why, in the midst of this landmark immigration debate, should we be concerned that the mass importation of people who are possibly genetically disposed to subpar intelligence might have a drastically deleterious effect on the nation’s culture and economy? Who but an obsessive and paranoid hatemonger would worry about whether we’re paving the way for a dysfunctional and hopelessly fractured Third World idiocracy so long as we all feel good about it?

Instead of flinging poo at people such as Jason Richwine, all that is required from the faithful members of the Sacred Church of Egalianity is basic documented evidence that Mexican Americans, whether they’re newly arrived or have been here for generations, are indeed the intellectual peers of native-born white Americans. And I don’t mean individual aberrations to the statistical pattern”€”I’m talking about valid, peer-reviewed studies with large sample groups that establish once and for all that those whose corazons throb with mestizo blood are the intellectual equals of Americans who are genetically derived from non-Spanish European stock.

Just show the studies that prove average Mexican IQs are not lower. That’s all that’s needed. That’s all I ask. Even one study would do. Why is that too much to ask? Why, amid all the screaming and screeching and clawing and caterwauling and demonizing and torch-carrying, can’t anyone offer rudimentary evidence that would end this debate forever?

Because it’s obvious that when Jews or Asians or women score higher than white males on these “meaningless” and “useless” intelligence tests, these same egalitarians gleefully discard their impotent protests that IQ is irrelevant. For some reason it’s OK to claim that certain groups are smarter than white males, but never to concede that some groups may be dumber. And if they can scrape up a study, no matter how dubious, that conservatives are dumber than liberals, they never shut the fuck up about it.

The great lesson to be learned here is that we are all born with equal cognitive abilities, except for those who don’t believe we are all born with equal cognitive abilities, because they are transparently dumber than we are.

The next step is clear: I’m filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of cognitively disadvantaged nonwhites against the natural evolutionary process for creating disparate impact in IQ test results among ethnic groups.


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