October 25, 2007

As everyone who has ever visited Belgium knows, the place is crawling with pedophiles, most of them in government and in service to the European Union. Scandal after scandal has been hushed up because it involved higher-ups, of the same social stratum as the higher-ups who now are accusing the Poles of "immoral behavior." What did the bravest and most foolhardy people in Europe do to deserve such opprobrium? They compared the death penalty, which is forbidden under the EU’s draconian rules, to favored EU past-times abortion and euthanasia.


The Poles are not surprised. They have been lectured time and again by Brussels, the cesspool of European Union corruption, for their so called homophobia. All the Poles did was to refuse to include homosexual lessons in school curriculum. And it gets worse. The European Court of Human Rights(actually the European Court for Pervert’s Rights) found Poland guilty because it banned a "gay pride’ parade in Warsaw. This the Polish government did in order to save strutting gays from being attacked by affronted citizens.


The EU elites are not only corrupt and ridden with pedophiles, they are also as un-democratic as is possible to be. When Jorg Haider was elected to the Austrian parliament they tried to apply sanctions to his country. When the EU constitution was rejected by the Netherlands and by the French, they simply reworded the document and are about to pass it without a vote. The only difference between Hitler’s taking power in Germany and the pedophiles in Brussels is that Hitler was elected. The perverts have never been elected to anything, not even to head the gay pride parade through Brussels.



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