April 14, 2016

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The Bubbafly Effect is why leftists have made it their holy crusade to micromanage everything that every white person says or does. It’s a fervent, unquestioned belief that the attitudes of average white folks influence the white people “€œat the top.”€ To anyone with any common sense (i.e., non-leftists), this might seem completely insane. But to someone who blindly subscribes to the idea that white attitudes travel upstream from the bubbas to the gatekeepers, it makes perfect sense.

Unless, of course, leftists follow the advice of the hippies of my youth and question their assumptions. Many years ago, I had a funny experience trying to get SJWs to question the Bubbafly Effect. The month was April 2001, and while Dick Cheney, the Elders of Zion, and the alien reptiles from planet Nibiru were busy mapping where to plant the thermite in the WTC, the American press was busying itself promoting a new survey jointly conducted by the Anti-Defamation League and a damned impressive-sounding organization called the Committee of 100 (I just can”€™t say that name without imagining the sound of trumpets). The Committee of 100 is a “€œChinese-American leadership organization”€ dedicated to improving the image of Asians in the U.S. And the ADL, well, we all know their shtick.

The survey, titled “€œAmerican Attitudes Toward Chinese Americans and Asian Americans,”€ found that, in most instances, white Americans”€™ views and opinions of Asian Americans are less favorable than they are of blacks and Hispanics (choice of neighbors being the only exception). In general, the survey results showed that whites are more prejudiced toward Asians than they are toward other nonwhites. Needless to say, the survey was trumpeted far and wide“€”another example of whitey’s racist, xenophobic hatefulness. But in my mind, the survey raised a rather important question. I emailed all 100 members of the committee with a simple question: If whites are more prejudiced toward Asians than they are toward blacks and Hispanics, and if, as we know is true, Asians are greatly overrepresented in the U.S. in terms of college admissions and employment in important, high-paying fields like science, medicine, and technology, doesn”€™t that prove that the attitudes of ordinary whites don”€™t “€œflow upstream”€ and influence the “€œgatekeepers”€? Doesn”€™t it prove that white attitudes are essentially irrelevant, and if members of a nonwhite group choose to work hard and apply themselves, they can succeed regardless of and, in fact, in the face of “€œwhite racism”€ on the part of bubbas and gatekeepers?

One hundred committee members, and not a single reply. That was in 2001. I tried again last week, although this time I couldn”€™t find email addresses for the entire committee, which has now ballooned to 154 members (a name change for the organization is definitely in order”€”may I suggest the “€œCommittee of One-Fitty”€?). Again, no replies. Because this kind of assumption-questioning is most unwelcome to the SJW left. If leftists actually questioned the Bubbafly Effect, if SJWs dared to understand the implications of the ADL/Committee of 100 study, it might make them realize that all this policing of white people’s speech is pointless. In fact, they may just have to question their own motivations for whining, fussing, protesting, and generally raising holy hell every time a white person, no matter how insignificant, says or does something they consider to be racist. Are they really trying to help build a better and more prosperous future for nonwhites? Or are they just being dictatorial, controlling, bigoted a-holes because it feels so good to pile on whitey?

These are sound questions, so don”€™t expect the left to ever address them.

Assumption-questioning. The day 21st-century leftists embrace that relic of times gone by is the day George Carlin announces a comeback tour. Like, far-out, man.


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