October 23, 2017

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The 2014 film An Open Secret—directed by Amy Berg, who’d previously been nominated for an Oscar for her documentary about pedophilia in the Catholic Church—was effectively buried by the entertainment industry. It details several cases of men who worked with boys and wound up being criminally charged with pedophilia-related offenses:

Martin Weiss, accused of 30 to 40 sexual encounters with a teenage male singer and who finally pled no contest to two counts of a lewd act with an 11-year-old client.

Marc Collins-Rector, who’d received an estimated $100 million funding for an online video network from super-duper-powerful members of Hollywood’s “Gay Mafia” such as David Geffen and who held infamous “pool parties” for men and boys. In 2000 he was indicted for transporting minors across state lines for the purposes of having sex. He pulled a Roman Polanski and fled the country. He now lives in Europe under pseudonyms such as “Morgan Von Phoenix.”

• Photographer Bob Villard, was indicted along with Collins-Rector on unlawful transportation charges. In 2005 he pled no contest to felony charges of committing lewd acts on a 13-year-old boy. This was after receiving three years of probation for stashing “thousands of photographs of boys in skimpy bathing suits” at his home.

Not mentioned in the film is Jason James Murphy, an aspiring actor who at age 19 dressed as a woman and kidnapped an eight-year-old boy from a local elementary school. The manhunt for Murphy was featured on America’s Most Wanted, and after his capture he served a five-year sentence. But after getting out, he moved to Hollywood and was permitted to work on films such as Super 8, School of Rock, and Cheaper By The Dozen 2.

In 2004, Nickelodeon production assistant Jason Handy—really unfortunate name for a child molester—was sentenced on a felony count of lewd acts with a child. Ten years later he faced new charges of taking indecent liberties with a child.

My son is nine. If anyone ever touched him, they’d never be arrested. That’s because I’d get arrested for killing them.

Based on this fact, plus the fact that I despise an American entertainment industry that simultaneously hates Middle America but wants to dictate morality to it while safely cloistered in their luxury coastal pedo dens—I sincerely wish that Hollywood’s countless kiddie-diddlers are next up on the chopping block.


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