November 07, 2017

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright

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In a sea of leftist Hollywood turds, actor Jeffrey Wright manages to stand out as particularly runny. Wright, best known for playing who gives a shit in the Hunger Games franchise and who cares on the hit series Westworld, has decided to devote his life to, as he proudly proclaims on his popular Twitter account, “full-time resistance” against “fucking moron” Trump. Wright loves to stress that he’s a champion of the women, the “fierce, smart, tough, ass-kicking women” of the U.S. On the eve of the 2016 election, he penned a passionate op-ed for The Root, a plea from a prominent black actor to all the “woke young brothers” out there in urban America. In the essay, he lectured young black men that if they don’t stand with the women who are supporting Hillary Clinton, then they “stand in opposition to them” (I seem to recall George W. Bush making that same “with us or against us” argument, to widespread media condemnation).

“Stand with all the women imperiled by Donald Trump’s primitive misogyny, your mothers, your sisters, your daughters,” Wright brayed. Wotta guy! Jeffrey Wright would never dismiss the concerns of a woman who felt she’d been verbally abused by a powerful man. Unless, that is, said woman had denied him pizza. But I’ll get to that in a moment. Wright personifies why the Democrat Party is hopelessly screwed. No matter how poorly Trump may be performing—and my regular readers know that I’m no Trump superfan—the Democrats are going to have a hard time at the polls in the foreseeable future. And in Jeffrey Wright, we see why.

I’ll explain.

Shreveport, Louisiana, is a hub of what’s called “runaway production” (film production lured away from Southern California by tax incentives). Shreveport’s tax credits are so generous, the city, for a while, became the third-largest production center in the U.S., behind only California and New York. Shreveport, a city that is roughly 54% black and 41% white, has a poverty problem. About 40% of the residents live at or below the poverty line. So you have a struggling, blue-collar city in which the people who work in the service industry regularly mix with spoiled Hollywood elites.

Back in July 2008, Jeffrey Wright was in Shreveport shooting W., Oliver Stone’s poorly received biopic of George W. Bush (Wright portrayed Colin Powell). One evening, “very late” at night (Wright’s own words), he approached a bar/restaurant in the downtown area in the hope of buying a pizza. The door was locked, but Wright was undaunted. There were still people inside! And we all know that the cardinal rule of the restaurant business is that as long as a human being is inside the establishment, food must be served to anyone who demands it (FYI, this rule exists solely in the mind of Jeffrey Wright). Standing outside the front door demanding a pizza, he was told by a “white female bartender” that the restaurant was closed for the night.

“The racial hatred that has become such a permanent part of the Democrat character these days will continue to alienate voters who are not ‘people of color.’”

No pizza? This was the guy who played literally who gives a fuck on Boardwalk Empire. The restaurant must open just for him! Wright was owed his reparations; “Forty Anchovies and a Marinara!” When the bartender held her ground, he left in a huff. Several nights later, the cast of W. gathered at the same eatery to celebrate the end of shooting. The “white female” who had dared give Wright “no justice no pizza” during the previous encounter happily served Wright a drink (because now the place was open for business). Wright snapped at her about the fact that she had previously refused to open the establishment just for him. The bartender, who (for some odd reason) reacted in a negative way to being verbally abused, asked him to leave. When Wright refused, the police were called.

Let’s pause to recap. A young woman—who I’m sure is not overjoyed by the fact that her life consists of working at a bar in an impoverished Southern town serving spoiled Hollywood douchebags—is insulted by one of those douchebags in her own establishment. She invokes her right to refuse service. The douchebag feels he is above the rules; how dare a simple working-class barmaid not accept his abuse!

Police arrived, and a melee broke out. Bystander video footage showed Wright and his W. costar Josh Brolin hugging like an interracial Fire Island postcard as cops attempted to separate them using pepper spray. Footage from inside the police car showed Brolin kissing Wright and giggling like a schoolgirl (remember, Brolin’s dad married Barbra Streisand, so we know for a fact that mental illness runs in the family). In the video, Wright complains that he’s only in this predicament because some “chick” didn’t like the way he was talking to her. Wright would later pen an essay for CNN in which he blamed the entire episode on (what else) “racism.”

And there you have it. Wright, the champion of women, the guy who demands that Trump respect the views of “our mothers, sisters, and daughters,” got pissed off that a blue-collar woman didn’t want to take his abuse. He allowed her no right to have her own opinion. When she said, “I’m offended by your comments and I’d like you to leave,” Wright dismissively responded with “your views mean nothing to me because you’re just some ‘chick.’”

And, as Wright stressed in his CNN op-ed, she wasn’t just any chick, but a white chick.

Wright personifies Democrats. Beneath all the talk about “helping the working folks,” behind the talk about being the “party of women,” the Democrats always put race first. That bartender’s opinions meant nothing because of her race. She could be abused because of her race. And that’s why the Democrats struggle, and will continue to struggle, with winning over the white working class. They can go into impoverished towns all over the country promising economic renewal, but the racial hatred that has become such a permanent part of the Democrat character these days will continue to alienate voters who are not “people of color.”

In short, race has become to the Democrats what abortion has been to the Republicans. It’s an albatross issue. The pro-life wing of the GOP, unwilling to compromise even in the face of total defeat, refuses to temper its opposition to abortion with the understanding that an overwhelming majority of U.S. voters want an exception in cases of rape. As I have pointed out in previous columns, the GOP pro-life wing’s obstinate insistence on “no rape exception” has cost the party election after election, and has led to some of the most sanity-challenged gaffes in the history of U.S. politics. And the Democrats make fine use of this. They sit back and let the GOP abortion extremists frighten women into thinking that, should they ever be raped, Republicans will be there to ensure that they carry to term or else.

But now the Democrats find themselves with their own malformed fetus, one that’s seriously threatening the life of the mother. The Democrat base has become frighteningly unreasonable regarding race. More specifically, the base has gone completely off the deep end regarding its hostility toward whites. And the problem the Democrats face is, at no known time in human history has a particular group of people responded positively to being told, “You can’t do this, or say that, because of the way you look.” As I pointed out last month, even here, in blue-as-blueberry-jam L.A., white parents have rebelled against a school district that penalizes schools for having too many white kids.

White-bashing is to the Democrats what the “no rape exception” is to Republicans—an issue that never wins but only loses state and national elections. But whereas one can still find Republican officeholders who are okay with the rape exception (indeed, there are even a few prominent Republicans who are straight-out pro-choice), who among the Democrats, on a national level, has ever spoken out against white-bashing? Hell, Bernie Sanders got blindsided by BLM at a campaign stop because he was perceived as not being extreme enough on matters of race.


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