August 12, 2007

Ever since Al From founded the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) it has been a voice of reason within the Democratic Party. William J. Clinton was its Chairman when he won the Presidency in 1992. Clinton stated that he would be a moderate voice within the Democratic Party. The Republicans gained control of Congress in 1994; Clinton stayed true to his word. Given the Democratic context, there is no doubt that the DLC was a positive influence. Whether Social Security or national defense was discussed the DLC took a moderate path, which is why it is very troubling that no Democratic candidate attended the DLC Annual Meeting. Granted, Clinton is popular but he is not running for President, his wife is. Where was she?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and all other Democratic candidates, except Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-DE), are running to THE DAILY KOS, a Democratic web log which is attempting to elect leftist candidates in 2008. It is named after Chicago native Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, who is nicknamed Kos.

It maintains a web log which is so vile that FOX NEWS reporter Bill O’Reilly has wondered on air why they don”€™t shut it down. He got nowhere. The KOS official went into a diatribe, claiming that O’Reilly has equally distasteful things on his website. O’Reilly countered any charge made against his website. The KOS official would not budge.

To give you an idea what DAILY KOS is about, the site opined that the world would be better off if White House Press Secretary Tony Snow’s cancer would return. It wished the Taliban better luck next time there is a plot against Vice President Richard B. Cheney. For a year it posted a picture of Senator Joseph L. Lieberman (I-CT) which was so disturbing that it cannot be described.

DAILY KOS states Iran has a good reason to nuke Israel. It also trains people to win elections. It is little wonder that the Democratic candidates are flocking there. They want the money and votes, which this web log could generate. Where is the decency? Would any candidate mention DAILY KOS? Don’t count on it.

Meanwhile I feel sorry for Al From. He says he is confident that once elected the Democratic candidate will return to the center. Without a Republican Congress, I wouldn’t count on it “€“ remember there was a Republican Congress only after Clinton made many mistakes. We should not count on a future President to make the same mistakes.

Paul M. Weyrich is Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation.




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