May 21, 2010

“Variety is the spice of life”—American Proverb
The definition of diversity is a moving target, controlled by opinion makers and social engineers. What is the ideal goal of diversity? Is it best exemplified by people of different ethnicities living together, or by all these peoples blending together to make a single race? We are encouraged to prefer the latter, but once that’s achieved, will there be any diversity left?

We”€™re encouraged to believe that if we eventually look more alike, society will be more peaceful. Unfortunately, one need only look as far as Rwanda or Cambodia to see that people who look alike can still be quite keen on killing each other.

The government should not have an agenda regarding race, other than promoting peace and prosperity. If it is determined to racially re-engineer society, it is exceeding its authority. Nor should we be bullied by squeaky wheels who threaten violence or expensive court battles if they don”€™t receive the quotas or other forms of special treatment they feel entitled to.

If a group of people is being out-competed and feels threatened with extinction, they”€™re unlikely to play fair. Those who are losing may consider the stakes too high to be good sports, it will become a case of all is fair in love and war.

We are not all one race; we are all one species. At this point in time however, it’s politically incorrect to mention this fact.

Did you know there’s a list of “threatened peoples”? These are relatively distinct small populations in danger of being diversified out of existence. In most cases, they consist of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of individuals—the Yakuts of Siberia are one example.

Can you like people of other races or ethnicities without supporting their “agenda”? Certain activists think not and imply that if you”€™re against their agenda, you”€™re against their people.

“If someone feels justified in hitting me over the head because he believes my ancestors did his people wrong, should I hold all of my attackers’ people responsible for the assault?”

If its taboo to use the word race, in any manor not approved of by the PC police, what words can be used to describe relatively distinct populations of people? Are we allowed to say breeds, like dogs, or should we use cumbersome descriptors like “relatively distinct human populations”?

I no more expect African Americans to reject their Africaness than anyone should expect me to reject my Arabness; the same goes for anyone. There’s room for everyone at the table and we should not feel compelled to give up any part of our family tree in order to be accepted by the majority. No one should suffer negative consequences, or receive special privileges because of their ethnicity.

If someone feels justified in hitting me over the head because he believes my ancestors did his people wrong, should I hold all of my attackers’ people responsible for the assault?
America may or may not flourish in the future, and I admit not liking the demographic changes occurring. I refuse to voluntarily support the rise of this new incarnation of our nation; that being said, there’s little I can do but opine and write. Mankind’s future is in space, as the only way to save society will require impossibly draconian measures.
Two hundred years ago, Jefferson and other founding fathers were spreading their seed amongst their African slaves. Now the descendants of those slaves, many with the same last names as our founders, are returning the favor. This time it’s the lily white daughters of the American revolution carrying the progeny of former slaves!
We are supposed to play fair and be good sports, which is fine, unless something really important is at stake. Survival of a people is really important to the threatened people and some will do anything to endure. Of course those who are replacing them will demand that everyone play by the rules.

Why should people be compelled, coerced, or taxed in order to assist people of a different race to the detriment of their own race? Why should anyone be forced to assist others to erase and replace their own bloodline?
Respect all ethnicities, including your own, and do what you can to ensure that your genes keep swimming in the pool. Unfortunately, while such an attitude is okay for oppressed people, it’s considered racist and hateful when expressed by others. We”€™ve had certain notions drummed into our heads since we were children, one being that only oppressed minorities have the right to “be fruitful and multiply.” 

DNA is more than simply chemicals, just as letters are nothing until they form words, the chemicals in our DNA spell out a unique and precious signature for each and every one of us.


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