December 08, 2017

Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle

Europe proved too weak to make the hard decisions that were necessary to preserve its heritage and determine its destiny. Now it must decide what to do about a huge mass of unskilled immigrants, many of them young Muslim men, who were not conditioned by European culture, but are indeed incompatible with it. There are more to come. Meanwhile, Europeans are failing to reproduce themselves. We Americans must not be so foolish. We should not aid refugees at the cost of undermining our own well-being. And that is precisely the effect of filling the nation with millions of unskilled workers who drag down wages for our own working class. To say nothing of the lunacy of allowing this country—with its dangerously low birth rate—to be shaped by the paganism known as Islam.

CARECEN’s core principles are

Commitment to excellence in Social Services.

Advocacy to impact and produce policies to advance immigrant rights, juvenile justice and Latino(a) health.

Transnational bridge building for our people to thrive and live in peace, both in the United States and in our countries of origin.

In practice, this means the organization will try to get entitlements—including expensive health care—even for noncitizens, who are to live on the taxpayer’s dime. Bankrupt California alone spends billions each year on illegal aliens.

Note in particular the language of the last principle. That “transnational bridge” refers to making the United States a place of unlimited migration for Hispanics and persons from Central America—now “our people,” who, however, do not wish to be in their “countries of origin.”

Nowhere on the CARECEN website do we get a sense of pride in or appreciation for the United States. These are opportunists, people who want to take and remake. Moreover, this organization—and there are many others like it—is committed to operating in direct opposition to U.S. federal law. Its employees, therefore, are criminals who should be prosecuted, and the organization shut down, by force if need be.

If this country is to last, it will be owing to unflinching judgment, not the blind feeling that set us on this bad course.


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