November 02, 2015

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The basic instinct of self-preservation”€”easily the most crucial and mentally healthy instinct of all”€”is being refashioned as mental illness. Thus, group altruism among whites”€”and only among whites, as if it wasn’t woefully obvious by now”€”is recast as “racism,” a moral cancer that must be permanently erased and excised from the body politic.

To hear these tools prattle on about how white group consciousness is a “sickness” and a “disease” and a “poison” that needs to be rooted out and forever exterminated, you could easily swap out “whites” for “Jews” and be reading a Julius Streicher rant.

But due to fear of lifelong shunning, many have swallowed”€”or at least they pretend to swallow”€”the implausible premise that celebrating one’s demise is a virtue rather than a sickness. They find themselves painted into a corner where their eventual extinction doesn’t seem quite as unpleasant as their immediate banishment from polite society.

Bullets are nice, but much of political power”€”maybe most of it”€”comes from successfully instilling fear and guilt in your opponents. Fear and guilt can disable people more quickly than mustard gas. But once the fear of being smeared with meaningless words evaporates, the rest is easy. That’s the main task”€”getting people over the fear of being called bad names. The rest is as easy as tossing darts at party balloons; people merely need to conquer the fear of what they’ll be called once they start tossing those darts.

There’s a whole lotta phobia going ‘round these days; it’s just not the same kind of “€œphobia”€ they want you to believe it is. If there’s anyone you should genuinely fear, it’s those who try to dictate what you think and feel. It’s absurd that such infantile tyrants ever gained the power that they now wield. They need that power kicked out from under their feet. But it will take some fearless individuals to put the fear back where it belongs. Can’t do it with only 99 monkeys, though”€”you need that hundredth monkey to push it over the tipping point. Instead of a thousand points of light, what’s needed are a thousand people simultaneously saying, “I’m not afraid of whatever stupid words you choose to call me. Now go away and stop bothering people.”


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