To my knowledge—I mean, I’ve been challenging everyone to find evidence to the contrary and have so far found no takers—Donald Trump, who is probably the most pro-Zionist president in US history, has never directly addressed “white people” as a constituent group. Yet he is constantly smeared as a white supremacist and a Nazi.

Nehlen, however, is explicitly pro-white and of late has persistently hammered on the JQ. He has repeatedly appeared on popular Alt-Right podcast “Fash the Nation,” with “Fash” being shorthand for “fascist.” He has used the (((triple parentheses))) to identify people as Jewish. He has referred to Zionist Republicans as the “merchant right,” which refers to the ubiquitous “Happy Merchant” cartoon caricature of a greedy Jew. He has referred to himself as “red-pilled.” A month or so ago, he claimed he was reading Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, a sprawling work from 1998 whose subtitle is An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements.

In the modern political climate, these are all unforgivable sins. I would suggest this is because of relentless and systematic propaganda rather than intellectual honesty, but that’s just like a Nazi to say that, right?

This month, Nehlen was banned from Twitter for a week after he posted several images that appear to demonstrate that the ownership and staff of major media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, and NBC News are very top-heavy with Jewish people.

Mind you, this is the same media that’s constantly carping about how everything is “too white.” How people are able to sleep at night while supporting such flagrant double standards is beyond me.

Again, I didn’t see a single soul attempting to factually refute what these images allege about the primary players at these news outlets. Instead, I saw people screaming bloody murder at the simple fact that someone dared to allege it. This is, naturally, an emotional rather than a factual reaction, but they’ll call you a Nazi even for pointing out that.

Nehlen was only reinstated on Twitter after agreeing to delete the offending tweets. Otherwise, just like Donald Trump, he has offered no apologies and continues to counterpunch. If he lives to see the day, Nehlen will square off against Paul Ryan and another Republican challenger on August 14.

Asking a question is not an act of hatred. I’m flabbergasted that this even needs to be said.

Despite what many leftists try to insist, never in my life have I given a fig about someone’s ethnicity; I only resist being framed and extorted for historical crimes I didn’t commit based solely on my skin color. From the start, my problem has been with assholes. And in my book, anyone who wants to silence or destroy you merely for asking honest questions is an asshole.

The score so far: Paul Nehlen 1, Assholes 0.


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