February 26, 2015

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And then there is the possibility that Cultural Marxism will be laughed off the stage at last while patriarchal despotism is vanquished somehow. No, me neither, but one can live in hope:

Back to the Paleolithic.  Homo sap. came up about 200,000 years ago. Settled farming, towns, social hierarchies, temples, and the rest”€”the Neolithic”€”got properly going about 10,000 years ago. So for 95 percent of our species”€™ existence, we were hunter-gatherers in small wandering tribes.

That left a big impression on the human genome. It wasn”€™t by any means the end of human genomic change, but it left a big impression. The bedrock contours of human nature were formed in that 95 percent, in the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness, or EEA.

From scattered material clues we have dug up, and from observing the dwindling number of hunter-gatherer societies that are still around, we can deduce that while there was definite division of labor by sex”€”men hunted, women gathered”€”the overall social atmosphere was an easygoing egalitarianism: no foot-binding, no burqas.

Then came the 10,000-year detour into strict social hierarchies and constrained mating. Some scholars think we”€™re now emerging from all that, back to something closer to the EEA:

In some ways modern progressive cultures are returning us psychologically to our hunter-gatherer roots. That means high sociopolitical gender equality over all, but with men and women expressing predisposed interests in different domains. Removing the stresses of traditional agricultural societies could allow men’s, and to a lesser extent women’s, more “€œnatural”€ personality traits to emerge. [NY Times, 9/9/08]

So men will be able to go hunting, get drunk, play all-night poker, and work as engineers while women shop, gossip, watch reality TV, and work as interior designers, and everybody will be fine with it“€”everybody but the CultMarx ideologues, who will have to be fenced off on a reservation somewhere.  


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