January 22, 2018

Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is no one I hate more than someone who tries to tell me whom I hate.

For a quarter-century now I’ve made it very clear that most of my hatred—and there’s quite a lot of it, I never run out—is intra-racial. While those who have a death grip on media and education would love to pretend that I sit around all day stewing about blacks, I find myself incapable of mustering nearly the sort of searing animus toward my Negroidal brethren that I consistently feel toward liberal white coastal elites, who have their heads planted so far up their own asses and are so drunk on the notion of their moral irreproachability that they can’t possibly conceive anyone would hate them, much less some lowly, foulmouthed plumber’s son who grew up in a brick row home and views white liberal pieties as shallow, self-serving extravagances that help no one but themselves—specifically, their self-image.

These are the people who tell me I vote against my interests while they actively spit on my interests.

These are the ones who endorse trade and immigration policies that don’t adversely affect them yet have rendered much of working white America hopeless, suicidal, and strung out on pills.

They are the ones who are statistically far more likely to be descended from the white slave-owning class than they are from the far more numerous descendants of white indentured servants, yet they’ve successfully scapegoated poor whites and left them bearing the brunt of black resentment.

“The overwrought and frankly embarrassing paroxysms of agony and outrage that have followed Donald Trump’s election is nothing more than the goodwhites’ paranoia that the yahoos have awakened and may be out for blood.”

These are the ones who’d like to imagine that Klansmen and skinheads and cops are roaming the streets indiscriminately beating and murdering nonwhites. They are either ignorant of the modern statistics regarding interracial violence or they’ll find some half-assed sociological excuse to justify it. Living largely as they do in gated and secure communities, they rarely get their hands dirty with such trifles, anyway.

These are the ones who are cheering the idea that white demographic decline is inevitable, naively believing that the dusky hordes whom they’re welcoming in by the millions and among whom they’re fanning anti-white resentment will somehow not see them as white, too, and thus just as guilty and deserving of retribution as any meth-smoking, rusty-trailer-dwelling, Alabama hilljack.

In a 2013 article for Taki’s Mag, Steve Sailer listed America’s four racial groups:

• Blacks
• Bad Whites
• Good Whites
• Misc.

John Derbyshire has subsequently fused “goodwhites” and “badwhites” into all-purpose terms describing the primary combatants in America’s “Cold Civil War”:

…that is, the everlasting struggle between, on the one hand, the Progressive goodwhites who dominate our country’s mainstream culture—the Main Stream Media, the universities and law schools, big corporations, the federal bureaucracy—and, on the other hand, the ignorant gap-toothed hillbilly redneck badwhites clinging to their guns and religion out on the despised margins of civilized society.

In an article critical of Derb, this blogger sketches out a rough delineation between goodwhites and badwhites:

Goodwhite: a White involved in an inter-racial marriage, with mixed-race children, who vigorously defends and promotes race-mixing, who is very pro-Jewish, and who is suitably hostile to White nationalism. If on “the right”—a good cuckservative.

Badwhite: a White who disapproves of race-mixing, is skeptical of Jewish behavior, and supports White nationalism.

According to former porn industry blogger Luke Ford, only the badwhites don’t realize they’re in a war:

Only the “bad whites” for the most part do not realize they are in a war. The good whites (Liberals, Leftists, Feminists, Democrats, SJW, SWPL hipsters, Atheists, LGBT, pro-choice advocates, gun control advocates, etc.) are seeking to destroy any and all political power and influence still held by the “bad whites’ (Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Christians, red-necks, white nationalists, gun rights advocates, pro-life advocates, heterosexual white males, et al), so the “good whites” will be able to completely have their way in transforming America into a country they believe will be more “just and equal”. With them firmly in charge of it all, of course.

It has long been my contention that the overwrought and frankly embarrassing paroxysms of agony and outrage that have followed Donald Trump’s election is nothing more than the goodwhites’ paranoia that the yahoos have awakened and may be out for blood. Trump may have been born to wealth, but unlike Hillary Clinton (who slammed “deplorables”) and Barack Obama (who spoke of bitter clingers and speaks more like a goodwhite than even most goodwhites do), Trump speaks in a vernacular that is badwhite to the core.


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