May 12, 2015

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter

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These scoffers think their reflexive, paranoid “€œdot connecting”€ makes them sound worldly, when just the opposite is true. Remember: Conspiracy theories are History for stupid people. “€¨”€¨Case in point:

I once worked for a Catholic publishing company that was owned by a company that was owned by a company that was owned by Conrad Black. We got letters, emails and phone calls pretty steadily from folks who”€™d convinced themselves that the Baron of Crossharbour had personally overseen the wording in the new (and therefore automatically suspect) Sunday missal. Whereas I doubt Black even knew we were part of his portfolio.

Being accused in the Taki’s Magazine comments section of accepting semi-annual ZOG checks long ago lost its novelty. More amusing was the mainstream reporter who was convinced some other Canadian bloggers and I were on the PMO payroll. That the Tories would pay me to post regular features called “Japan: Nuked Too Much or Not Enough?”, “Apartheid: Was It All Bad?” and “€œHappy Kent State Day!”€ rather than not is a theory I guess you have to work at a major daily to believe.

So I”€™ve toiled the better part of 15 years trying to convince idiot leftists to remove their red colored glasses. “€œConnecting the dots”€ is a children’s pastime; maybe move up to crossword puzzles?

But now I”€™m screwed.

I admit to not getting out much, but recently a Professional Conservative ™ said unto me “€“ unsolicited and matter of factly “€“ the very sentence at the top of this column.

I was not at all surprised by this particular individual’s defection. I sense the stirrings of a cyclical, seismic shift within the conservative “€œmovement”€ that will manifest itself more clearly as the 2016 presidential election inches closer.

But I must say, having sniped for so long at the very notion of the Snipe’s existence, I was startled to encounter one in the wild.

I resent having to retire a beloved talking point. Yet perversely, I rather look forward to who else turns between now and next November.


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