March 25, 2013

Sherry West

Sherry West

But I”€™ve yet to see any major news outlet suggest that this murder was a “€œhate crime.”€ I tend to believe that this is due to an ongoing national delusion that blacks are perfectly entitled to continue seeking blood vengeance for past atrocities committed against them, although no one seems to have delineated exactly when “€œjustice”€ will be achieved and everyone can finally calm the hell down and get past all the tribalism.

And I get queasy thinking that the main reason for this is because it may be impossible for people to ever get past what may be a hard-wired instinct. Maybe “€œcivil rights”€ were about vengeance rather than equality all along. Maybe many whites have been lulled into tolerance, only to find that nonwhites interpret this as weakness instead. And maybe there’s no easy way out of this dilemma.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes perfect sense for black Americans to seek vengeance against whites for historical atrocities committed against their kinfolk. And from the same evolutionary standpoint, it makes perfect sense for white Americans to resist such vengeance at all costs. It also makes perfect sense why such a volatile situation is likely to lead to conflict rather than harmony. It isn”€™t about equality; it’s about survival.

Naturally”€”in other words, according to nature’s laws”€”the growing numbers of white people who feel no shame for being white seem convinced that the accused black teens are guilty, that the perps killed the baby merely for being white, and that they deserve to be hanging from trees or beaten into paste by Aryan prison gangs.

And just as naturally, most American blacks who”€™ve commented on the case don”€™t seem nearly as outraged. Some of them, joined by a repugnant little cabal of self-loathing white enablers, have gone so far as to allege the mother staged her own son’s death and then framed a pair of innocent black teens.

But since there were no third-party eyewitnesses, only Sherry West, De”€™Marquise Elkins, and his alleged accomplice know what happened. Yet that doesn”€™t stop most people from jumping to conclusions, ones that tend to skew according to bloodlines.

I”€™ll reserve judgment in the case because I wasn”€™t there and it doesn”€™t involve any of my family members or close friends. Since I”€™m not involved on any emotional level, I prefer to hear the facts as they become available, just as I did in the Trayvon Martin case. But if, say, anyone tried to harm my four-year-old son, I wouldn”€™t rest until they and three generations of their family were dead. I doubt I”€™d wait to let the law handle it. I”€™d operate purely on gut instinct and if my guts told me I”€™d found the perpetrator, I”€™d make them rue the day they were born. It wouldn”€™t be logical, but it”€™d be perfectly understandable.

UPDATE: The mother and aunt of De’Marquise Elkins have been arrested and charged with providing false information to police.

UPDATE #2: Georgia Official Charged With Obstruction of Justice in Stroller Shooting Death



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