February 06, 2018

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Keep in mind, my beef with JQers is not that they dare to say negative things about Jews. I do that myself (and not just Jews, but blacks, whites, Latinos, and, well, everyone else). The problem is, the JQers take reasonable gripes and turn them into something fantastical. Take, for example, my suggestion that Jews achieve success based on merit as opposed to conspiratorial powers. Many readers might counter that claim by invoking a controversial 2012 American Conservative piece written by Ron Unz, in which Unz argued that the overrepresentation of Jewish students at Ivy League schools is due to nepotism, not merit. Specifically, Unz asserted that there is a direct correlation between the number of Jewish admissions and the high number of Jews in topmost administrative positions at those universities. Although Unz’s methodology was questioned by critics, let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he’s correct. Unz also clearly states that what he believes the Jewish university presidents and provosts are doing today—showing favoritism to Jewish students—is no different from what white Christian university presidents and provosts did back in the 1920s and ’30s, when they showed favoritism toward white, non-Jewish students.

In other words, if Unz has correctly identified a wrong, he admits that it’s not a uniquely Jewish wrong. It’s human nature, not a matter of “Jews being Jews.” Yes, there are traits and behaviors that are fairly unique to Jews, but the JQ nonsense muddies any intelligent discussion of the topic by labeling practically everything Jews do as “typically Jewish.”

One of Nehlen’s favorite memes portrays the recent spate of Hollywood sexual assault and harassment allegations as a uniquely Jewish problem. An image he tweeted features the photos of accused harassers and assaulters, with a big (here it comes again) Star of David in the center. Putting aside the fact that the meme leaves out dozens of non-Jewish recent accusees and features several who are totally not Jewish (the “Jews” in Nehlen’s graphic include Charlie Sheen, a.k.a. Carlos Estevez, and Hamilton “blue blood” Fish V), the larger point is this: Make a list of sex scandals in pro sports. What racial/ethnic group heads that list? What about the accused in the Navy’s Tailhook scandal? See, sexual impropriety is a human problem, not a Jewish one. And in any field, a majority of the offenders in sex scandals will likely be from whichever racial/ethnic group is the most predominant in that field.

A wise man who I cannot name, a reader of mine who has worked as a journalist at some of the world’s top newspapers, had this to say in a recent correspondence regarding Jewish behavior:

99% of the commentary on one side is completely off the wall, while 99% of the people on the other side act as if it doesn’t exist at all and if you think otherwise you belong on the other side…. The extraordinary success of Jews in so many areas of Western society is always going to arouse the attention, the wonder and potentially the resentment of non-Jews. A systematic refusal to recognize this success, along with the relative wealth, status and power that comes with it, opens the door to unreality and to extremist fantasy.

True indeed. And what a shame that Paul Nehlen, the man who my friend and colleague Jim Goad suggested might become “the first alt-right congressman,” has eschewed such a reasonable approach in favor of Star of David memes, doxxing, and tweets demanding respect for David Duke.

I’ll admit, I’m all for the idea of an “alt-right congressman,” if only to balance out the racial extremists on the Democrat side. But Nehlen will not be that guy. The damned thing is, if he weren’t so obsessed with preaching his lunatic gospel—if only he were a bit more Jared Taylor and a lot less David Duke—he might have had a chance at being more than a distant memory by Labor Day.


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